New testament

All throughout the Old Testament, Christ was concealed. He was hinted at, prophesied about, and referenced to. But, it wasn't until the New Testament that Jesus was revealed. Hundreds of years later, Christ enters the world in the most unassuming way: a manger. As he grew in wisdom and favor with man and God, he lived a sinless life in order to pay the price for our sins. The New Testament displays the life of a perfect God, His death, resurrection, and instruction. 

Here are some studies we have from the New Testament. 

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The Gospel of john 

Born to a virgin, Jesus entered this world with no recognition, fame, or notoriety. Throughout the pages of the Gospel of John, we gather insight on the life of Christ before he died on the Cross for mankind's sins. Join us in reading about Jesus' encounters with the blind, sick, and unloved. Ultimately, you will see his hope and loving-kindness shared to all--including to us today! 

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The book of Ephesians is all about unity. Paul starts off writing to those in Ephesus with the hopes of reminding them of their spiritual blessings in Christ. As he calls for their thanksgiving and prayer, he urges the church to be reminded of the origins of their faith. It is through Christ's death on the Cross that we experience faith. Our works, deeds, or desires can't earn our way into good graces with Jesus! (AMEN.) As Paul continues to unpack the mystery of the Gospel revealed in Jesus, he calls for believes to be unified through God's love and to live according to this grace! 



This letter was penned by Paul to the church at Philippi. Most likely written from the foot of his jail cell, Paul wrote a letter of joy and appreciation for his fellow believers in Philippi. Can you imagine? Paul wrote about Christ's joy and hope while being in chains! His short letter involves admonishing the Philippians for their advancement of the Gospel, a reminder to humbly live like Christ, and to know the surpassing worth of knowing Jesus as Lord! 



This book of the Bible is widely believed to be written by the half-brother of Jesus. Penned during the days of the Early Church, James wrote this letter to spur believers on to live out their faith with their actions. Therefore, this short book is filled with great wisdom and practical application relevant to us today! If you are looking for a spiritual boost, this might be a great place for you to start studying God's Word! 


Hebrews: WHo is Jesus?

Throughout the book of Hebrews, one theme is evident: Jesus is supreme. He rules over all the angels, the heavens, humanity, and earth. Even in His great power, He is a personal God—accessible to us all! We don’t know who wrote the book of Hebrews, but this book of the Bible breaks down the law of Old Testament sacrifices and shows believers the depth of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross. Start this study if you are looking for a reminder of Jesus’s superiority and salvation!

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1 John

This general epistle is written by the disciple John. It's intent is to warn believers of false teachers and to reassure the truth about Christ. At a quick glance of this epistle, one theme is woven throughout it's pages: a God of love. John reminds believers about walking in the light as Christ as in the light. This book is a catalyst to live by faith by knowing Jesus--the ultimate way, truth, and life.