become a minted truth GIRL!


the purpose of our ministry is to…

Encourage middle school and high school girls to know Jesus, study His Word, and make disciples. It’s that simple!

Through our Bible studies, we hope you gain an understanding of Christ’s character as you dive deep into Scripture. But, for those of you who want to make disciples, we have a fun new opportunity for you to do so!

We are looking for Minted Truth Girls who…

  • desire for others your age to know Jesus and His Word

  • dream of the world around them experiencing Christ’s peace and joy

  • feel led to lead a bible study in some capacity at school, church, or at home

  • want to help our ministry grow by offering feedback on our studies

If this sounds like Y O U, we would love for you to join our new leadership initiative, Minted Truth Girls!

As believers, we grow when we feel the weight of ministry. Join us in helping others come to know Jesus!

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