You love your daughter. And so do we! At Minted Truth, our prayer is to extend Bible study resources to your daughter, as well as an invitation for you to get involved in her growth as a Christ-follower. Here are some tangible ways you can become invested in your daughter's walk with the Lord through daily discipleship!

imitate the gospel   

You are the biggest mirror of discipleship your daughter will see. How you respond in conversations with the cashier, conflict in friendships, and moments of crisis will resonate with her. Allow the Lord to transform your heart and then transfer all you've been taught--from Scripture, mentors, and other believers--by investing the same truth into her. 

echo Encouragement  

Encouragement is one of the sweetest gifts both mothers and daughters can extend to one another. If your daughter is working through one of our Bible study series, ask her what she's studying and learning. What Scripture is challenging or convicting her? If she has feels discouraged about her consistency or choices she's made recently, give grace and walk alongside her step by step.  



Do you spend more time worrying about your daughter than being her prayer warrior? There are a lot of things vying for her mind's attention and heart's affection. We encourage you to pray over your daughter, pray for your daughter, and pray with your daughter. Show her what it looks like to continually adore the Lord, confess sin, praise Him with thanksgiving, and lay your requests before Him! 

Claim Scripture in your house

Sticking a post-it note in her purse, writing on the bathroom mirror, or taping a notecard to the center consul of her car with Scripture might seem insignificant, but we believe it's incredibly powerful! The more you meditate on Scripture, the better you live it out. The Word of God is mighty! Help integrate it (and beautifully so--thanks to Pinterest) into your daughter's daily routine.



You probably know about her volleyball team drama and her math test score. Great! Though you might be invested in the details of her life, are you helping your daughter integrate the Gospel into those situations? We pray you actively seek to know your daughter's heart in relation to Christ, the Gospel, and telling others about the Gospel. Make the Lord consistent in your dialogue!

widen her circle of community

Life is meant to be done together! Encourage your daughter to be active in a group of believers her own age, as well as some other adult women to pour truth into her--like a small group leader from church, girls' minister, or an older girl on her dance team. Pray the Lord brings the right people and the gift of discernment in who she widens her circle of community, accountability, and trust with.