disciple makers

Whether you serve on staff in a student ministry or meet weekly with a group of girls, you are always a full-time disciple maker. Every volleyball game, ice-cream Bible study date, and Justin Bieber jam session you are involved in are an investment in the life of a young believer. Since you are living out the calling of teaching the Word of God, here are some avenues we offer to better help you reach the girls you love.   

social media

Social media can be downright distracting, discouraging, and mind-numbing. However, we believe it can do some good! We want to add a sprinkle of color, joy, and truth to the screens and newsfeeds of the girls you regularly do life with. Our goal is to remind them to daily reach for their Bible as often as they reach for their phones. 

provide Daily, Biblical content 

The girls in your small group or student ministry are as different spiritually as they are physically. We understand how difficult it can be to get them all on the same page, let alone the same page of the Bible. We hope to provide different content studies to meet the unique needs of your girls, so you can help disciple them in the stage they are in. 

app - Coming soon! 

Within the next couple of months, we will be launching our very own app! In order to make our content more accessible, this resource will be 100% free. In addition to our regular content series, we are including a Bible browser, prayer request board, screen-savers and more! Sign up for Minted Truth’s newsletter to receive updates and launch dates.

partner with the Local Church  

Most of our content writers have done girls ministry in a local, church context. However, we understand not every student ministry has a full-time girls’ minister on staff. Therefore, we would to partner with your local church to equip your small group leaders, as well as your teen girls. Contact us for more information about how we can help connect your ministry with this resource! 

subscription boxes - coming soon!

From make-up and beauty products to clothes and food, subscription boxes are the new craze. Our customizable subscription box will contain daily, printed devotionals for three months with fun goodies and resources thrown in! At Minted Truth, we believe the Bible is anything, but boring. And we want our Bible studies to reflect that!

participate with events

If you are in the process of planning or hosting a girls’ ministry event, we would love to help! Our network of girls ministers includes Bible teachers, worship leaders, and ministry consultants. For more information about how we can help participate in your upcoming event, e-mail us at hello@mintedtruth.org!