All the Feels | Day Nine


By: Taylor Cage | Worry | To type in your answers to today’s study, click here.

In the world we live in, there’s always something to worry about. On any given day, you could worry about your grades or your friends or any number of issues in your life. And yet, in Scripture, we’re told we don’t have to worry because God is a good Father and He knows everything we need (Matthew 6).

Unfortunately, there are still days when we wake up feeling anxious and full of worry. The feeling can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. There may even be times when you feel anxious or worried, and you don’t even know why. Thankfully, we have friends in the book of Psalms who’ve had that same feeling. One more time, let’s look at how the psalmist dealt with their feelings of worry.

Before you open your Bible today, pray and ask God to remove any worry and anxiety from your heart.

Take a moment to make a brief list of things causing you anxiety in your current season.

READ Psalm 61:1-3.

What do you think David means by saying his heart is faint? (Other versions say “when my heart is without strength” or “when my heart is overwhelmed”)

Who is David choosing to call out to in these overwhelming feelings?

David acknowledges God, his rock, is higher than him. Why do you think he’s looking for something higher than himself?

In what ways can the Lord be a strong tower for you during a time of worry or anxiety?

As he penned this Psalm, David knew even when circumstances were out of his control; nothing was out of God’s control. And the same goes for us. When we surrender our efforts to control, we can rest knowing God holds the reins.

READ Psalm 61:4-8.

Where does David ask the Lord to take refuge?

What does David thank God for regarding his heritage?

Have you ever thanked God for something like that? Should you?

How does David end the psalm?

At this point in our study, are you surprised by the ending of this psalm or were you expecting it?

As expected, David ends this psalm by singing God’s praises. Even though he started the psalm crying out to God over his overwhelmed heart, David still took his feelings and worshiped God through them. And although he may experience worry and anxiety again, David knows he can lay those feelings at the feet of Jesus and trust in God, his strong tower.

Even when your heart is weary, and your mind is troubled, you can lay your emotions at the feet of Jesus and pick up a song of praise instead.

As you finish your time in God’s Word today, ask Him to be your strong tower. Acknowledge He is in control and you are not. Give the Lord your worry and your anxiety. Then spend some time praising Him for all the beautiful things that He’s done in your life!