All the Feels | Day Eight


By: Taylor Cage | Happiness | To type in your answer’s to today’s study, click here.

Whew, we made it to day eight in our study, and we’re just now getting to an emotion we all love to feel - happiness!

Take a few moments and write down some small things that make you happy.

List some synonyms to the word happy.

Quickly jot down the last time you felt super happy.

Seasons of happiness are always fun to experience and full of fond memories. I love going days and days where the most predominant emotion I feel is pure happiness, as I’m sure most of us do! But one of the tricky things I’ve noticed about feeling happy is that it’s often too easy to forget to praise God for my seasons of happiness because I’m so, well, happy.

Maybe you’ve experienced the same thing, too? In comfortable seasons, it’s tempting to believe we’re doing just fine because we no longer have to run to God for grace and strength to make it through the day. But the truth is, no matter what season we’re in or what we’re feeling, we always need God’s grace and strength. We need to rely on Jesus just as much when we’re feeling happy as when we’re feeling sad or scared or any other emotion.

Thankfully, when we’re feeling happy, we’re in the best place to take our feelings and turn them into worship! So, today, we’re going to look at two short psalms where the psalmists give praise and thanks to God for their gladness.

Pause and pray before you jump into God’s Word today. Then, open up the Psalms again!

READ Psalms 100:1-5.

There are eight commands in this psalm. List them below.

Who does the psalm give credit to as the source of happiness?

How does the psalmist describe God during his gladness?

In this psalm, the psalmist is quick to give God thanks and bless His name. Without God’s goodness, we would never get to experience happiness! In your gladness, always be quick to give thanks and praise to God.

READ Psalms 126:1-6.

Why is the psalmist so glad?

What great things had the Lord done for them?

What are some great things the Lord has done in your life?

According to verse two, what were their mouths filled with?

What do you think the psalmist is trying to say in verse five?

In this passage, the psalmist says “the Lord has done great things for us; we are glad.” Again, he’s giving credit and thanks to God for his happiness. He’s taking his feelings and turning them into worship!

As you end your time with the Lord today, truly give thanks to Him and praise Him for the things giving you gladness in your life right now. Spend time worshiping God for all the gracious things He’s done for you!