All the Feels | Day Seven

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By: Taylor Cage | Sadness | To type in your answers in to today’s study, click here.

Avoiding sadness is impossible. Trust me; I’ve tried. The funny thing about feeling sad is the way it tricks us into thinking we’ll stay unhappy forever. Do you know what I mean? After just a short time of sadness, we easily become convinced we’ll never be happy again! Unfortunately, not only is sadness unavoidable, but it’s also a liar. Just like all feelings and emotions we’ve looked at so far, sadness is only temporary. You may feel sad now, but you won’t feel sad forever.

Not surprisingly, the psalms are full of prayers crying out to God through sadness. If you flip through the book of Psalms in my Bible, many of the pages are all wrinkly from tears I’ve cried as I poured over the words of the psalms in times of sorrow. I’m the most thankful for the sad psalms because they remind us it’s okay to bring our sadness to God. God wants us to bring our painful feelings to Him. God's not disappointed in us when we feel sad. Instead, Scripture says He's nearer to us because of it.

Before you open Psalms today, pause and pray. Ask God to soften your heart and open your eyes. If you’re in a season of sadness, jot down a few things hurting you before you begin. If you’re not in a season of sorrow, pray for someone you know who is.

READ Psalm 42:1-4. Why is it obvious the psalmist is sad?

Who does the psalmist long for in his sadness?

What about you? Who do you long for in your sadness?

Do you ever ask the question, “Where is God” during a sad season? If a friend asked you this question, how would you feel?

In the middle of pain, this question usually comes up: “God, where are you?” It’s okay to ask God questions, but so often, we long for God to rescue us from our sadness rather than allowing God to work on us through it. Next time you look for God in the middle of your sadness, don’t just look for God to take the hurt away. Instead, look for where God’s at work through your pain.

READ Psalm 42:5-11.

What does the psalmist ask his soul?

It might seem kind of strange that the psalmist is addressing his soul. However, sometimes we need to do a little self-evaluation when it comes to our emotions. When you’re feeling sad, ask yourself why and be specific. Address your thoughts and feelings so you can move forward with them in a healthy way.

What does he tell himself to do?

Sometimes we need to preach to ourselves. Twice the psalmists tells himself to put his hope in God, for he will praise Him again. When you’re feeling sad, speak truth over your feelings. Challenge yourself and tell yourself the truth. Choose to worship, even if you don’t feel like it.

What does he say he will do again?

Hope in God; for I shall again praise Him. Once again we read a beautiful psalm where the psalmist takes his feelings and emotions and turns them into worship. Even in the hurt, take your sadness and turn it into a song of praise and worship to God!

When is the Lord’s song present with him?

Why do you think he refers to God as his rock?

Do you consider God to be your rock? Why or why not?

As you conclude your time in the Word of God today, ask the Lord to bring people to mind who might be going through a season of sadness. Think of a practical way you can serve them this week and show them the love of God. List a few ideas below.

Because of what I read in Scripture today, I will ______________________________.