All the Feels | Day Four

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By: Taylor Cage | Guilt | To type in your answers to today’s study, click here.

Growing up, I was the little girl who used to tattle-tale on herself. I tried and tried, but I just couldn’t stand the guilt of getting away with doing something I wasn’t supposed to. Ever since I could remember, I’ve absolutely hated the feeling of guilt.

But because none of us are perfect, guilt is a feeling we’re are familiar with. We’ve all been there, and we’ve all felt it. We know the uncomfortable, sick-to-your-stomach feeling that comes when we’ve done something we know we shouldn’t have.

Jot down a time that you can remember when you felt guilty about something.

Thankfully, we serve a gracious God who is merciful and compassionate. But when we hang onto our guilt, rather than surrendering it over to Him, we aren’t living the life of freedom we’re meant to live as His children. That’s why we’re going to dig into the book of Psalms today and learn what we should do with the feeling of guilt and how we can handle it in a way that honors God.

As you open God’s Word today, thank Him for being a gracious God who is compassionate and quick to forgive. Ask Him to open your eyes and your heart to His Word today.

READ Psalm 32:1-4. Who wrote this particular psalm?

Why did he say his bones wasted away?

How is the psalmist describing his guilt?

Describe a time when you felt similar to David in this psalm.

David’s guilt made him physically sick. Why do you think our emotions often impact our physical health?

READ Psalm 32:5. What made the difference for David as he was dealing with guilt?

How did God respond to David’s confession?

How do you think God would respond to a confession you made?

In the past, what has held you back from making similar confessions when you are experiencing the feeling of guilt?

Continue reading Psalm 32:6-11. What praises does David offer God in these verses?

How is David’s relationship with God different now that He has repented?

Is your relationship with God more like David’s relationship with God before or after he repented?

What feeling has David’s guilt turned into by the end of the psalm?

Like the psalms we’ve looked at before, David took his guilt and turned it into worship by surrendering it to God and leaving it at His feet.

Take some time and examine your heart. If you’re currently experiencing a feeling of guilt, don’t hold onto it any longer. Give it to the Lord and turn it into worship. If you’re not feeling guilty in your current season, remember what to do with it the next time the feeling comes along.

Finish your time by thanking God for the truth of His Word today and the wisdom we can take from it. Ask him to prepare your heart for the next time your feelings overwhelm you.