All the Feels | Day Two


By: Taylor Cage | Loneliness

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I assumed that someday, I’d never feel lonely again. I know that might sound crazy to you now, but it’s true! Without even realizing it, I assumed that someday I’d make the right friends or meet the right guy and finally kick loneliness to the curb. Unfortunately, over the years, I had to learn the hard way that’s not how feelings work.

The truth is, no matter how amazing my friends are or how much I love my husband, loneliness comes and goes in seasons. And while it’s never fun to feel lonely, I think it keeps returning to remind me that there’s only one person who can truly meet my need to be known.

At some point or another, you’ve probably experienced the feeling of loneliness. And if you haven’t, then you can expect to experience it one day. Even King David experienced loneliness. Thankfully, he wrote a psalm about it!

Before you open your Bible today, take a moment to pause and pray. Ask God to open your heart to His word and speak to you.

READ Psalm 142.

According to the title, when did David write this psalm?

In verse 2, David claims he’s going to lay his trouble before the Lord. Have you ever done the same thing? What brought you to that?

Which verses in particular signal to you that David is feeling lonely?

Sometimes when I’m feeling lonely, it’s easy to believe that no one really sees me and that no one truly cares for me. Maybe loneliness has felt the same way for you before. It seems like David can relate as well! In verse 4, David complains that no one notices him or cares for his soul.

Do you think there is really no one who cares for David’s soul? Explain.

What does David do with his loneliness?

Even though David feels lonely, here’s the truth: God sees David and God cares for David’s soul. The same goes for you and me! Even when we’re feeling unnoticed and uncared for, God notices, and God cares.

Sometimes when we feel lonely, we get caught up looking around to see who cares instead of looking to God, knowing that He’s always there. Loneliness is a feeling that we experience, but it’s not the truth. The truth is: God has promised never to leave us or forsake us.

Just like David, when we feel overwhelmed by loneliness, we can take it straight to God and lay it at His feet.

How does David end the Psalm?

David ends the Psalm with extreme confidence in the Lord, trusting that God will be faithful to hear and answer his prayer.

What would it mean for God to deal bountifully with him?

Do you believe God will deal bountifully with you? Why or why not?

As you wrap up your time in God’s Word today, write a prayer to the Lord about loneliness. Share your feelings with God but always remember to turn them back to truth. Praise God for always noticing and caring. Thank Him for never leaving you or forsaking you.