Girl, Gospel, Go | Day Twenty


By: Megan Gover | Famous Last Words | To type in your answers to today’s study, click here.

“But the Lord stood by me and strengthened me, so that through me the message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear it.” [2 Timothy 4:17]

Can you believe you’ve almost read a whole book of the Bible? You go, sister friend! As we wrap up this short letter written to Timothy, my prayer is for you to soak in the truth of being entrusted with the Gospel.

Spend some time writing out key truths you’ve learned throughout this book of the Bible. How have they changed the way you view yourself as a disciple?

Now, let’s finish this book! Read 2 Timothy 4:9-22. Why would Paul want Timothy to come with him soon?

Why would Paul want his cloak, books, and parchments? What does this communicate about God’s Word able to comfort us?

Paul mentions a lot of people in this passage. Write down a sentence about their interactions or descriptions provided by Paul.

Demas -

Crescens -

Titus -

Luke -

Mark -

Tychicus -

Carpus -

Alexander -

Prisca and Aquila -

Onesiphorus -

Erasuts -

Trophimus -

Eubulus -

Pudens and Linus and Claudia -

[Visit this page to learn more about these people in-depth.]

Paul had a big community of people around him. Some did him dirty. Others were faithful to the end. How did Paul combat discouragement and bitterness from those who abandoned him? (Hint: v. 17)

How does your trust in God’s goodness to work despite hardships compare to Paul? Do you sing the Lord’s praises of his faithfulness or do you doubt His abilities?

Paul didn’t try to do his life and ministry alone. What does this fact signal about the importance of a community?

Though the letter ends with Paul’s final last words,  we don’t know the final days of his life. Scholars believe Paul was found guilty and beheaded outside the city. The amount of faith Paul had in Christ contradicted the grim reality he faced. But, the Gospel was the sweetest thing given to Paul. And the Gospel was the sweetest thing he could give to others.

We’ve finished the book of 2 Timothy, but I don’t think the Holy Spirit is done with you yet. Next week, we will walk through what it looks like to live out the truth you’ve learned throughout this letter to apply it to your lives best.

So! For now, take some time and ponder on the faithfulness of God. He has given you the best gift of Jesus dying on the Cross. Spend some time thanking the Lord for the sacrifice  of His one and only Son so that we may have a relationship with Him!