Girl, Gospel, Go | Day Five


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“Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.” [2 Corinthians 5:20]

Just as the Lord has wired us with unique bodies, personalities, and gifts, our testimonies are all different as well! Someone might have a similar story, but yours is filled with a specific way the Lord has redeemed you.

Before we unpack today, open up this time asking the Lord to give you a heart of remembrance.

In order to best display our testimony, we need to look at all the puzzle pieces making up the masterpiece the Lord is weaving! Today there are some hard heart questions. But, the more truthful you are, the more glory God gets. Amen!

Let’s start from the beginning:

Separated from God

None of us were born having a relationship with Jesus. Yes, we might have been raised in a Christian household and family, but we were all born with sin--separating us from the Lord. Therefore, what did your time before you knew the Lord look like?

For some of us, this section might be a little challenging--especially if you came to know Jesus at a young age. For others, there was a night and day difference when the Lord saved you. Neither way is right or wrong! Take some time to really work through these questions and think back to your days before knowing Jesus:

What sins were you struggling with before you knew the Lord?

What strongholds were you enslaved to?

What brought shame into your life?

How did you easily stumble?

Saved through Jesus

Your testimony highlights what the Lord saved you from, as well as how he saved you.  This is the juicy part--how did you come to know Christ? Your testimony should include the tidbits of information about the situation and specifics when you first decided to follow Jesus.

Were you searching for the Lord? How did you first hear of the Gospel?

How did you come to experience salvation?

What were the specifics of your conversion? (Where were you, how old were you,  what were you doing, etc.)

Why did you surrender to Christ’s love?

What was your response hearing Jesus’s sacrifice on the Cross for your sins?

This is one of my favorite parts to hear when someone is telling me their story! What a joy to hear about someone’s death to life story!

Shaped through the Holy Spirit

Thankfully, the story doesn’t stop once we are saved. It’s only the beginning of a lifetime of adventure! Now we’ve pinpointed how we came to know Jesus, but how has knowing Jesus shaped you in the following ways?

How has the Lord satisfied the longings of your heart?

What Scriptures sustain you?

What strengths have you been given through the Lord?

How has knowing Jesus shifted your speech, spirit, and sight?

Why is it important to unpack how the Lord is daily growing you when sharing your testimony?

If we only focus on the day we came to know Christ, we fail to communicate the personal relationship we have with Christ NOW. Our testimonies should always tell of the ways the Lord has WON us over today. Don’t forget this part!

Sent as an Ambassador

Our testimony reminds us we were once separated from God, saved through Jesus’ death on the Cross, shaped through the Holy Spirit, and lastly, sent as an ambassador of Christ. If we miss the mark on this last section, we will never fully live out our calling to be disciples.

One of my favorite passages of Scripture is 2 Corinthians 5:16-21. Read this passage to get an understanding of our calling to be ministers of reconciliation.

What is reconciliation? How has the Lord reconciled us?

Once we have been reconciled, what title are we called to live out?

What is an ambassador?

Essentially, an ambassador lives in another country representing another country. With this knowledge, how are we ambassadors in this world?

The Lord calls us to represent Him and represent Him well. How do you personally do this? Answer these questions to unpack how you interact with others knowing there is a God who loves them:

How do you embody the servant spirit of Jesus to those around you?

Who do you share the Gospel with?  

In what ways do you shepherd God’s people?

How does your daily life speak to your ambassador title?

After thinking through different aspects of your testimony, condense your answers into a 5-10 minute version. Once you’ve laid it out, speak it out loud. Once you’ve spoken it, memorize it.

Name 2-3 people you can share your testimony to practice it out loud.

Text them or ask them today! Once you’ve got your rhythm, who can you share it with to spread the Gospel to?

We must practice our testimony for it to powerfully preach to those around us. It is a tool the Lord gave us to declare His glory!

End this time thanking Jesus Christ for His death and resurrection so you may truly live!

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