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By: Megan Gover | Loyalty Lost + Recap | To type your answers into today’s study, click here.

“May the Lord grant mercy to the household of Onesiphorus, for he often refreshed me and was not ashamed of my chains.” [2 Timothy 1:16]

In verses 12-14 of chapter one, we are reminded of the holy honor of being trusted with the Gospel. Though Paul and Timothy both were faithful to the spreading the Good News of Jesus, we find other people in Paul’s life were not as loyal to their ministry.

As we work through the rest of chapter one and recap the truth in these verses, ask the Lord to let these Scriptures take root in your heart.

Read 2 Timothy 1:15-18. Write down the gist of what these people did to Paul specifically:

  • Phygelus -

Phygelus turned away from Paul and left him hanging in Asia!

  • Hermogenes -

Hermogenes did the same thing as Phygelus.

  • Onesiphorus -

Onesiphorus was a major encouragement to Paul. He searched for him throughout Rome’s prisons and found him. What a friend he was!

(To find more information about these men, visit the Major Characters reference page here.)

Why would Phygelus and Hermogenes bowing out on Paul in Asia be a discouragement to him?

It would have been discouraging to have people desert you on the mission God's called you to do. Paul could have felt betrayed, upset, and frustrated to not have partners working alongside him.

Have you ever been betrayed by someone? How did it make you feel?

On the other hand, have you ever had a friend stick by you through a tough time?

How did Onesiphorus’ actions affect Paul?

See Below.

Paul had been burned by his friend’s loyalty lost. However, Onesiphorus left Ephesus to find Paul in his prison cell. Onesiphorus didn’t have his iPhone handy to plug in Paul’s location or find him on the Find Friends app. He had to visit jail cell after jail cell to locate Paul. He earnestly sought out his friend. As a result, Paul was “refreshed” by Onesiphorus (2 Tim. 1:16)

When’s the last time you thoughtfully fought to encourage a friend? What was the result?

Who is one friend you can make more of an effort to love them like Jesus? What are three ways you can reach out to them this week?

We’ve worked through chapter one slowly, but surely. Spend some time briefly re-reading this chapter. Write down anything having to do with these four themes while you re-read.

Confidence -

Ashamed -

Entrusted -

Loyalty -

Which of these four areas do you want to work on throughout the next week?

Write out a verse that made the most impact on you.

Ask the Lord to remind you of the faith entrusted to you as we dig into the next passage in this chapter.

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