Girl, Gospel, Go | Day Seven


By: Megan Gover | Not Ashamed | Type in your answers to today’s study, click here.

“Therefore, do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord, nor of me his prisoner, but share in suffering for the gospel by the power of God…” [2 Timothy 1:8]

Paul emphasizes Timothy’s track record of faith, heritage, and most importantly, the power of the Holy Spirit. These three ingredients combined unlock Timothy to continue discipling a generation---especially after Paul is later put to death.

In today’s passage, we begin to see the urgency behind Paul’s desire to pass on the baton to a younger generation. He wants nothing to stand in a believer’s way of living boldly for Christ.

Read 2 Timothy 1:8-18 as a whole. Circle any repetitive words you find throughout this passage. Write the four words repeated more than twice below.

Rewind back to verse eight. In Scripture, whenever you see the word “therefore,” always ask yourself: what is this “therefore” there for? It’s a connection between the verses before the therefore and the verses after.

Let’s practice! What is the purpose of “therefore” in verse eight?  

Why are we challenged not to be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord? How does the gift of God influence this command?

When was the last time you felt shame? What made you feel this way?

Name a time you were ashamed of your faith. What were the circumstances surrounding the situation? How did you feel at the moment?

Why would someone be ashamed of the Gospel?

If you have ever felt scared to show your faith, you are not alone! In fact, all throughout the New Testament, there is Scripture addressing this issue. Lookup the following verses to see what the Bible says about being ashamed:

  • Romans 1:16-17 -

  • 1 Peter 4:16 -

Following Christ is countercultural. And it comes at a price. However, our unjust suffering shows the faithfulness of God. What do you know about Christian persecution and suffering around the world?

Can you guess some of the most dangerous countries to live in as a Christian?

Here is the list of top ten countries of Christian persecution and how they often punish followers of Jesus:

  1. North Korea - Most missionaries and Christians are imprisoned in labor camps. (Think World War II concentration camps.)

  2. Afghanistan - Christians are not even considered citizens of the country.

  3. Somalia - The Catholic Bishop of the country says it’s not possible to “be a Christian in” due to the violence in Somalia.

  4. Sudan - The government encourages Christian churches to be demolished.

  5. Pakistan - Believers sit on death row because they denounce Islam.

  6. Eritrea - There are only four accepted religions. All other faiths are persecuted and harassed by the government.

  7. Libya - The government is training militants to attack Christians physically.

  8. Iraq - Christians from this country have not been able to return to their homeland after facing extreme persecution from ISIS.

  9. Yemen - Humanitarian crises have deepened the severe restrictions on practicing Christianity.

  10. Iran - This Middle East country has experienced incredible persecution from the government and has no religious freedom outside of Islam.

People around the world are not ashamed of their faith--even when it might cost them persecution, torture, or even death. What number is America on the list? 50! I’d say we are pretty low on the totem pole.  In light of other’s suffering, what does our Americanized suffering look like?

For most of us living in the United States, our belief in Jesus makes us easy targets of ridicule. Others opinions try to make our faith seem foolish. People who don’t know Jesus try to belittle us as believers. But, because of the Gospel afforded to us, this burden is easy to carry.

Not only did Paul warn against being reluctant towards the testimony of the Lord, but he also didn’t want Timothy to be ashamed of his imprisonment. Why would Paul’s jail time serve as a possible embarrassment?

How could Timothy’s timid spirit hinder him from living unashamedly?

Ultimately, we are called to share in suffering for the Gospel, but it is by the power of God for us to be able to. In doing so, we illustrate the Lord’s strength, our weakness, and the relationship of dependence we lean on him.

For now, end this time re-reading 2 Timothy 1:8 and fill in these blanks.

Do not be ________________ of the _______________ of our Lord, but _________ in the _____________________ for the ______________ by the ____________ of God.

Choose a persecuted country to pray for the rest of the week specifically. Lift up those who are living in danger of their lives being taken for the sake of the Gospel!