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“For this reason, I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands, for God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power, and love, and self-control.” 2 Timothy 1:6-7

If you’ve ever added a cup of salt instead of sugar or forgot the eggs altogether, you probably bake like me--with a high level of worry to get the ingredients right.

In this chapter, Paul lays out the recipe for Timothy to have spiritual success. Paul gently reminds Timothy he already has the ingredients to faithfully serve Christ. All he has to do is stir it up and pour it out.

Re-read 2 Timothy 1:1-5. Continue reading verse six.

“For this reason” mentioned in verse six piggybacks off the verses before it. What two ideas is this transition phrase trying to connect? (Hint: look at the two repeated themes circled in verse five.)

What does the gift of God mean? Why do we need to fan into flame the gift of God?

The Greek translation of the word gift is our modern day use of charisma. Who is someone you know who has charisma? What draws you to this person?

Just like charismatic people are alluring, the gift of God is the gift of divine grace. It showcases the Lord’s favor to all without any merit of our own. Paul is reminding Timothy of the free grace he received, but also his call to ministry, to encourage him to keep growing, keep doing, keep persevering. Timothy was being challenged to fan into the flame the gift of God within Him.

Why would Timothy need this reminder?

How do you fan into flame a physical fire?

I don’t know about you, but whether I’m bundled up in sweatshirts and blankets or gathered by the fire after a day on the lake, I always enjoy campfires. There is something so beautiful and mesmerizing about the sights, the sounds and the smells of wood burning.

If you’ve ever seen someone start a fire, you know there is a process to build up a flame. All the ingredients are there, but it involves someone to blow on the embers. As a result, it sparks flames into existence. In the same way, our spiritual lives sometimes need spiritual fanning. We need to rekindle the gift of grace given to us.

How do you fan into flame the gift of God?

Did you find it weird when Paul mentioned Timothy receiving this gift of God from “the laying on of my hands”? To give some historical insight into this practice, look up the following references and match them with their verses.

  1. Numbers 8:10-11 _____

  2. Numbers 27:18   _____

  3. Acts 13:2     _____

  4. 2 Timothy 4:14    _____

    A. Paul and Barnabas were set apart by the Holy Spirit and experience the laying on of hands before they were sent off.

    B. The Israelites should lay their hands on the Levitical priests to signal their service to God.

    C. Timothy was commanded not to neglect the gift when the council laid their hands on him.

    D. Moses was commanded by God to lay hands on Joshua to commission before the Israelites.

From the verses above, what is the purpose of laying hands on someone? Why is it relevant to the gift of God?

Timothy was entrusted with the Gospel, but also a call to ministry. Though this practice can sometimes be misunderstood, the primary meaning within the Old and New Testament was to signal a body’s affirmation of a person going into ministry. No one today has the power to impart the Holy Spirit as the apostles did in the early days of the church. When someone is ordained or prayed over, and hands are laid on them, it is a symbolic gesture signaling the confidence of others in their call to ministry.

Timothy was reminded of God’s grace--the Gospel--and his call to tell others about Christ. The ingredients of living out his purpose were through the Holy Spirit. The secret sauce was his reliance on the Lord, not his talent.

Read 2 Timothy 1:7. How would you define fear to a third-grader?

Personally speaking, how has fear hindered you from living out God’s calling in your life?

What is the opposite of fear?

We are not given a spirit of timidity or shyness. We are given the exact opposite through the Holy Spirit! Name a time you lived out these three fruits and name a time when you acted out the exact opposite.

Power -

Love -

Self-control  -

What area do you need the Holy Spirit to increase in your life? More power? More love? More self-control? Ask Him today for the areas you need His strength and guidance to better fan into flame the gift of the Gospel and God’s call on your life!

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