Ecclesiastes | Day Ten


By: Taylor Cage | Fear God and Keep His Commands

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So how’s it been? Ecclesiastes isn’t an easy book to study through, but it sure is a worthy one!

Hopefully by this last day of our study of Ecclesiastes, you can truly see and understand the value of wisdom and your own need for God-given wisdom.

Take some time to pray and ask God to open your heart to everything you need to hear from Him today as we read through this last chapter of Ecclesiastes.

Read Ecclesiastes 12:1-8. When should you remember God?


Why is it important for you to remember God in your youth?


Life seemed easier when you were younger, didn’t it? You had less cares and concerns, or a least less important ones than you do now.

In this chapter, Solomon urges the wise person to realize that just as life seems like it was easier to you when you were younger, there will be a day when you look back and long for the youth that you are currently living in. And remember God in those days, says the teacher!

Read Ecclesiastes 12:9-14. In verse 9, what is Solomon talking about?


How does he describe the words of the wise?


Who does he say that the words of the wise are given by?


Is it possible for wisdom to come from anywhere but the Shepherd?


Consider verse 12. What is he warning believers of here?


What are the final words of wisdom that the preacher leaves with us at the end of the book of Ecclesiastes?


When he boils it down, what is the whole responsibility of mankind?


He boils it down really simply for us, doesn’t he? The greatest wisdom in all the earth comes down to this: Fear God and keep His commandments. And yet, we know how difficult those two instructions can be to live out.

So, what do we do at the end of this book of wisdom?

We pray for wisdom.

And here’s the good news about wisdom. It’s one of those good gifts that God loves to give.

Read James 1:5. What does a person have to do to receive wisdom from God?


All we have to do is ask and the Bible promises that it WILL be given to us. Literally, just ask. And we know from the story of King Solomon at the very beginning of this story that God truly loves it when His children ask Him for wisdom.

So ask for wisdom. Petition the Lord for it. And don’t just ask Him for it once. Continue to rely on the Lord for the wisdom that you need to make it through life.

Because just like we learned in Ecclesiastes, life can be hard and confusing, but it’s always worth living when it’s lived for the Lord.