Ecclesiastes | Day Eight


By: Taylor Cage | Wise Whispers 

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It’s hard for King Solomon, a man who has it all and understands it all, to truly get over the fact in death, none of those things matter. Why do you think that is?


Again and again in the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon talks about death (which for most people, is a little uncomfortable.) And something tells me that it’s the God-given wisdom inside of him that continues to remember this point.

Read Ecclesiastes 9:1-6What is the same event that happens to us all?


What hope do the righteous have in death?


It’s important to remember that while King Solomon was writing, the people of God were still waiting on a Messiah, a Savior.

How does Jesus change the way that we see death?


Read Ecclesiastes 9:7-10. What does this passage say about ways in which to enjoy your life?


In this passage, Scripture mentions enjoying life with a spouse but the same principle can be applied to enjoying our lives with the ones that we love. It is our portion to love the people that we have been given to love. How can you invest in eternity by loving the people that you’ve been given to love?


Read Ecclesiastes 9:11-17. What happens to everyone?


What is it impossible to know?


Why is wisdom better than might?


Why would it be better to whisper to the wise few than to shout to the foolish many?


In your life, are you trying to be heard by the many or by the few?


In today’s world, we have a million messages constantly being shouted at us from every direction and for the most part they’re the foolish and godless messages of the world. It’s especially difficult for us to hear the whispered words of the wise over the shouts of the foolish.

It takes special discipline for us to be quiet enough to hear the wise whispers over the foolish shouts.

Who are you listening to in your life? Are you listening to the whispered words of the wise or are you listening to the shouted words of the fools?


What are some ways you can take steps to block out the foolish shouts of the world so that you can lean into the wise whispers of scripture?


Solomon compares wisdom to a weapon. How can wisdom be a weapon? In what ways can wisdom be used in a battle against sin?


What other gift from God is compared to a weapon? Read Hebrews 4:12.


How is the Word of God like a sword?


Why is it necessary to arm yourselves with these weapons in life?


Read Ephesians 6:10-19 What are we, as believers, fighting against? How can we ready ourselves for that fight?


It’s true. As believers, we’re in the midst of a war in which we fight for the Kingdom of God. Wisdom is a necessary weapon. Ask God for wisdom today.