Ecclesiastes | Day Four


By: Taylor Cage | Working for God, Not Money

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Surely at some point, we’ve all wondered, “Why are some people rich and other people poor?”

That’s why King Solomon starts to discuss the meaning (or meaninglessness) of riches in this next chapter of Ecclesiastes.

Read Ecclesiastes 4:1-3.

Can you relate to Solomon’s concerns about wealth and poverty?


Who does Solomon consider the most fortunate when it comes to riches?


When it comes to riches, it’s impossible to know why some are rich and others are poor. However, what we do know is that God has a plan for everyone - rich and poor alike. We have to put our trust in the certainty of God, rather than trusting in uncertain riches.

Read Ecclesiastes 4:4-16. Where does he believe that toil and skill come from?


Has envy ever led you to work harder for something?


Did you find envy to be a good motivation or did it leave you feeling empty?


According to Solomon, is it possible to work too hard?


Why are two better than one?


Think about your life...Do you work alone and for yourself or do you work with others and for others?


Re-read verse 13. Explain the story of the foolish, old king.


Is it ever difficult to take advice? Explain why or why not.


Why is it so important to be able to take the advice of others?


How can you discern who to take advice from and how not to take advice from?


Read Ecclesiastes 5:1-3. What does Solomon say you should do in the House of the Lord?


What does it mean to draw near to listen?


What would it look like to have a rash mouth or a hasty heart?


Can you think of time when you have had a rash mouth or hasty heart before the Lord?


When I pray, I know that I have a tendency to talk more often than I listen. And yet that’s the warning here in Ecclesiastes. God is heaven and I’m here on earth. I should be quicker to listen to Him than to be heard by Him. In fact, Solomon says to let your words be few. Does that seem difficult?


How can you start to pray with fewer words?


What would it look like to spend more time listening in prayer than talking in prayer?


Spend some time today listening to God. Let your words be few. Remember that you are here on earth but God is in heaven. Listen to what He has to say to you today.