Ecclesiastes | Day Two


By: Taylor Cage | Meaning in the Meaningless

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Read Ecclesiastes 1:12-18. What is Solomon trying to say in this section of Scripture?


What is his conclusion about wisdom?


Re-read verse 18. How have you seen that to be true in your own life? Have you seen it differently in your own life? What do you think that Solomon means by it?


Solomon’s eyes have been opened through his pursuit of wisdom and knowledge. And some of what he’s seen has caused him grief and suffering. Why? Because we live in a broken world that is filled with broken people in desperate need of saving.

And here’s what Solomon is saying... Even pursuing wisdom and knowledge isn’t enough to bring meaning to your life.

So what does bring meaning to your life? If nothing, absolutely nothing in this world can bring meaning to your life then what can?

It has to come from outside of this world. It has to come from God. He is the only remedy to a meaningless life. Not knowledge, not wisdom. God Himself is the answer.

Read Ecclesiastes 2:1-11. What verse would you choose as the summary of this section of Scripture?


Rewrite it in your own words.


Have you imagined what it would be like to have everything that you’ve ever wanted? What are a few of the things you would want?


Essentially, Solomon tells us that he had everything he ever wanted. He kept no pleasure from himself. Did he find pleasure in his toil?


When he looks back on all of it, what does he say of it?


So now, not only is there nothing new under the sun, there is also nothing to be gained under the sun. Instead, it’s all vanity.

Define the word vanity.


Read Ecclesiastes 2:12-17.


What more has a wise man to gain than a fool?


What’s the difference between a wise man and a fool?


What does the wise man and fool have in common in the end?


Read Ecclesiastes 2:18-26.


What left King Solomon in despair about his toiling?


Why did he hate the thought of leaving everything he worked for to someone who did not work for it?


What does he see as the best thing that a person can do?


What does Solomon say can only come from the hand of God?


What does Solomon say that God gives to the person who pleases God?


Essentially Solomon concludes that we should accept and enjoy the blessings that God gives His children, for that is the best possible use of life.

Read 1 Timothy 6:17.


What does God richly provide for His children?


Take some time today and thank God for all He has provided for you. Acknowledge and enjoy His blessings today.