James | Day Four


By: Kate Downing | How to Walk in Humility

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“…God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”  - James 4:6

Selfishness, jealousy, lust, and other pride-motivated sins put us at odds with God. These sins keep us from walking worthy of our call as daughters of God. Chapter four of James is all about recognizing these sins and learning to walk in humility.

Ask the Lord to speak to you through His Word today, to reveal any area of pride in your life, and to help you walk in humility today.

Read James 4:1-3. Summarize these verses in your own words.


The passions that are at war within us are our selfish desires to do what we want and the desire to do God’s will. According to verses two through four, which of these passions was winning in the hearts and minds of the people he was writing to?


Read James 4:4-6. What does James call his readers in verse four? Why would he call them this?   


Which of the following best describes what James means by “friendship with the world”?

  1. Having friends

  2. Caring about the environment Choosing to be influenced by sinful people and things around us

  3. Having a friend named “World”

Look up the definition of “enmity.” Why would choosing to be friends with the world put enmity between God and us?


Re-read verse six. The word “opposes” means “to battle against.” Write out verse six but replace the word “opposes” with the words “to battle against.”


Why does God take such a strong stand against pride?


Read James 4:7-10. List out the actionable commands given in these verses. (ex. submit yourselves, resist the devil, etc.)


True humility and repentance of sins require us to realize the heaviness and darkness of our sins. To really walk in humility we must mourn over our sin.  

APPLY: Stop and confess (admit to God) any sin that you have been ignoring, hiding, or hoping would just go away. Be honest before the Lord. Ask Him to help you feel broken over your sin and thankful for His forgiveness.


What promise is given in verse eight?  


Read James 4:11-12. How is judging someone a sin of pride?  


APPLY: When have you judged someone for his or her actions or words and spoken evilly of them, even if it was just in your heart? Confess that sin to the Lord right now.


Read James 4:13-17. Summarize what these verses say.


What sin was James calling out in verses 13 and 14?  


How is making plans without seeking God’s direction a sin of pride?


APPLY: Do you struggle with having control over your plans? Have you been making plans for your future or relationships without seeking God’s direction? That’s sin. Confess that to the Lord now.


Humility is hard. It takes recognizing the pride in our lives so that we can get rid of it. Learning to walk in humility is a process and takes practice. Don’t give up! It’s worth it!