James | Day Three


By: Kate Downing | How To Talk the Walk 

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“From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so.”  - James 3:10

The average person says 18,000 words per day. That’s a lot of words! James chapter three teaches us how to talk the walk, meaning it helps us learn to speak in a manner worthy of being a daughter of God.

Take a few minutes to ask the Lord to help you become aware of your words, their importance, and how to make them worthy words.

Read James 3:1-6. What three things is the tongue compared to in these verses?








How is the tongue (or our words) small but powerful?  


Read James 3:7-8. Who does James say is able to tame wild animals?  


Who does James say is unable to tame the tongue?


Our tongues (or words) are impossible for us to tame or filter on our own. It is only through the power of the Holy Spirit that we are able to speak in a manner worthy of our position as daughters of God.  

Read James 3:9-12. What does James demand should never happen (v.10)?


Why is it so repulsive to praise God with our mouths one moment and the next to be gossiping about a person that He created in His own image?  


APPLY:  Think of the words you’ve spoken over the last 24 hours, the conversations you’ve had; the texts you’ve sent; the comments, posts, and snaps you’ve sent. Have they dishonored God’s image in one of His creations? If so, take a minute to confess that sin to God and ask Him to help you speak in a manner worthy of Him.


Read James 3:13-18.  

Our ability to speak words that honor God and are worthy of our position in Him comes from a mind filled with godly wisdom.  

What does James say is NOT wisdom in verses 14 and 15?


APPLY: Stop and ask God to reveal any of the things you just listed that might be in your heart and mind. Confess those things to Him as He reveals them to you.


List the words James uses to describe what wisdom IS in verse 17.


It is words that flow from this type of wisdom that God calls us to speak.   


APPLY: Stop and ask God to help you speak out of this type of wisdom today.


APPLY: Pay attention to the conversations you have and the messages you text or send on social media today. Be intentional about using your words wisely to glorify God and honor his creation.