James | Day Two


By: Kate Downing | How-To Walk in Compassion

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“If you really fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself,’ you are doing well.” – James 2:8

As we saw yesterday, the book of James is a “how-to” on living life as a daughter of God.  It teaches us how to walk in the worth we’ve been in salvation. Before we begin reading in James, take the next three minutes to quiet your heart and mind from distraction.  Thank God for this opportunity to study His Word, and ask Him to teach you how to walk in compassion today.

Look up the definition of compassion and write it down.  


There are two parts to its definition: 1) an awareness of other’s distress and 2) a desire to do something about it.

Read James 2:1-13. Summarize what these verses say.


What is the biggest issue James points out in his readers’ lives?  


How did partiality keep them from showing compassion?


When have you shown or been tempted to show partiality or favoritism?  


When has someone shown partiality toward someone else and left you out?  How did it make you feel?


Why is showing partiality sin (v.9)?


How do verses 10 and 11 describe the severity of the sin of showing partiality?


APPLY:  Write out two ways you can avoid the sin of partiality today.




Read James 2:14-26. These verses have caused some confusion in some readers. We are told often in Scripture that salvation comes by the grace of God through our faith in Him, NOT from our works (Ephesians 2:8-9). Some believe James 2:17 tells us that salvation does come by our works. This is a simple misunderstanding. James is simply explaining that real faith in Jesus Christ will always produce good works. Good works is a natural outflow or proof of faith in Christ.

Read James 2:14-17. How does James call for compassion in these verses?


How is compassion a work or natural outflow of faith in God?


Read James 2:18. How does James say his faith is demonstrated?


APPLY:  Fill in your schedule for today:

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 10.28.25 PM.png

Looking at your plans, what two opportunities can you take advantage of today to display your faith by walking in compassion?