James | Day One


By: Kate Downing

How to Walk in Confidence | Day One

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Do you remember the plot line of The Little Mermaid? It’s a movie about a mermaid named Ariel who wants nothing more than to be a human and marry the handsome Prince Eric. She makes a deal with an evil octopus and transforms into a human girl. After washing up on shore with a brand new pair of legs, she is brought into Prince Eric’s palace. One of the best scenes in the movie is when Ariel, fresh out of the water and having no idea what silverware is, begins brushing her hair with a fork at the royal dining table. Ariel had been made a human and brought into the palace of the royal family, but she did not automatically understand what it meant to act like a human. She had to learn.

The same is true for us. When we accept Jesus as our Savior, we are made daughters of God (Romans 8:14-17). We are given a whole new life free from the bondage of sin and full of incredible worth. However, we have to learn how to walk (live) as daughters of God!  

The book of James offers us a how-to on walking as daughters of the Most High King! This book was a letter written to Jewish Christians who were scattered around the Middle East facing extreme persecution. These Christians had begun to fight with one another, to show favoritism, and to live in selfishness. They were not walking as sons and daughters of God, and this letter was written to help get them get back on track.  

Who wrote the book of James? (Note he was the half-brother of Jesus.)


What type of book is it? (Historical, Law, Wisdom, Prophecy, Gospel, Epistle) (For help with understanding how to determine this, click here to read Day Two of the study called “How to Study Scripture” on the Minted Truth App.)


Before we dive into God’s Word, spend the next few minutes asking God to prepare your heart and mind to hear from Him. Ask Him to help you learn how to walk in confidence today.

Read James 1:1-18. Summarize in your own words each of the following verse sections.


v. 2-4:  


v. 3-8:


v. 9-11:


v. 12-18:


Why would you be able to consider a trial a good thing (v.2)?

“Doubting” in verse six means “to be divided in your mind or to debate.” Why would doubting God’s power, love, or plan cause you to be like a wave in the sea (v.6)?


According to verse fourteen, where does temptation to sin come from?


Verse 17 tells us that God does not change. How does this give you confidence?


Read James 1:19-27. Summarize in your own words each of the following verse sections.







Why is practicing verse 19 an important part of learning to walk with confidence?


APPLY: Read verse 22 through 25 again. What do you need to DO based on what you have HEARD (or read) today?


Ask God to help you follow through on what you need to do today.