Judges | Day Two

By: Taylor Cage | Grace Upon Grace

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The second chapter of the book of Judges is a lot like reading the SparkNotes version of the book of Judges. It’s a quick summary. It hits the main points briefly and tells us exactly what is going to happen over and over again in the stories to come.

Read Judges 2:1-5.

Which of the two problems is the Angel of the Lord addressing with the people of Israel in these verses?


What specifically does the angel say will happen because of their failure to drive out the inhabitants of the Promised Land?


Read Judges 2:6-10. How long did the people worship God after Joshua’s death?


Why did the people worship God during Joshua’s lifetime and the lifetimes of the elders who outlived Joshua?


Why did the next generation not know the Lord or the works He had done?


Just one generation after Joshua’s death, the people no longer knew God or all that He had done for the people of Israel. They didn’t know because they were never told.

Joshua’s generation made a huge mistake. They didn’t teach their children and their children’s children to know God. And because this new generation didn’t know God or the works that He had done, they turned away from His commands. Let this be a lesson for us. Let’s learn from Joshua’s mistake. We have to tell those younger than us of God’s great love. And this isn’t just for adults, it’s for anyone, all of us. Tell people younger than you about God - tell them about the great things that He has done for you!

Take a moment and make a list of two or three people who are younger than you that you can encourage and pray for. If you’re having a hard time thinking of someone, ask the Lord to open your eyes to new opportunities.


Read Judges 2:11-15. How did this new generation of Israelites act? Who did they worship?


Why do you think that they began to worship other gods?


Baal was the god of the Canaanites, the people that the Israelites failed to drive out of their land. And because they tolerated their sinful worship of another god, they were now infiltrated by the worship of another god. Oh sisters, let me tell you. This is a lesson we need to hear. When you tolerate sin in your life, it won’t be long before you are worshiping sin in your life.

Read Judges 2:14-23. When the people began worshipping other gods, what did the Lord do?


God brought disaster on His people. He allowed them to be conquered by their enemies when they turned their back on Him.


Why couldn’t God tolerate their rebellion?


This is a hard question. You could say it was because He was angry with them. In fact, the Bible says that His anger burned against them. But also I believe that it’s because He loved them. He loved them too much to allow them to turn from Him. He brought disaster on them to bring them back to Himself. And that is grace, reckless grace.

But God didn’t just show them grace in allowing them to be conquered by their enemies. He showed them grace upon grace because He didn’t leave them that way.

What did God do in order to save them from their enemies?


What would God do during the lifetime of a judge? What would happen after a judge died?


So before we even begin, we know that the people of Israel are on a downward spiral. Each time a judge is raised up they are saved from their enemies and yet each time a judge dies they become even more wicked than they were before. Honestly, it’s going to become repetitive. But don’t forget - it’s a pattern of grace upon grace. And while we may get tired of God giving the Israelites grace, He never tires of it, even despite His anger.

Pray and ask God to begin opening your heart to this story. Ask Him to reveal to you ways that you are currently receiving His grace upon grace. Ask Him to show you sin in your life that you’ve been tolerating. And especially ask Him to show you any other “god” that you’ve been worshipping.