Judges | Day One


By: Taylor Cage | Two Big Questions

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The book of Judges is filled with some of the most unusual stories and some of the most interesting people in the entire Bible. Truly, we’re in for an entertaining three weeks studying this book together!

The pages of this book are filled with stories of great faith, stories of faltering faith and ultimately stories that tell of God’s grace upon grace toward His people.

In fact, that’s what I want you to see over and over again in this book - God’s grace. At times, it might be hard to see and at other times it will be glaringly obvious but isn’t that true for us today too? God is always showing us lavish grace even when it’s hard for us to see.

List some of the ways you see God’s grace in your life right now.


Now list some of the less obvious ways that God has been gracious to you recently (this could be a breakup that seemed painful to at the time or a big family move that brought you amazing friends, etc.)

Read Judges 1:1-26.


Who has died at the beginning of this book? And why would his death be devastating to the people of Israel?


What is God calling the people of Israel to do at the beginning of the book?


Why is God asking them to fight against the Canaanites, the Perizzites, and the other godless people who lived in the Promised Land?


At the beginning of the chapter, were the people successful in driving the people out of the land that God had given them?


List the tribes that were successful in driving out the godless people.


Read Judges 1:27-36. Were the rest of the tribes successful in driving out the enemy?


List the tribes who were unsuccessful in driving out the godless people from the Promised Land.

By the end of the first chapter of Judges, the Israelites are facing two pretty big problems. Even though the Israelites finally made it into the Promised Land, they’ve still got some pretty big challenges.

What are their two biggest problems?


1) Their leader, Joshua, has died and they no longer have anyone to lead them.

2) They have not driven all of the godless people out of their land yet.


These two problems will be the same two problems the people of God will face for the entire book of Judges. Now, list some reasons why these two problems could be disastrous for the people of Israel?







Having a leader is pretty important, right? If not, everyone will just do what is right in their own eyes. In fact, that’s exactly how the author of Judges describes the people just a few chapters later. And secondly, it’s pretty important for the people of God to drive out the godless people because if not they will begin to influence the children of God with sinfulness.

In the book of Judges, we are going to see the consequences of these two struggles over and over again. But here’s where it’s really important: These two struggles aren’t just problems for the Israelites in the book of Judges. These are two important issues that you and I face today.

We have to ask ourselves the same two questions the Israelites had to ask themselves. Who will be my leader? Will I tolerate the influence of sin in my life?

So let me ask you before we start this study. Who is your leader? Are you doing what’s right in your own eyes or is God the leader of your life?


Are you tolerating the influence of sin in your life? (This could come in a lot of different forms. It could come in the form of toxic friendships, unrepentant sin, and keeping yourself in tempting situations.)


Pray and ask God to begin revealing to you places in your life that you aren’t allowing him to lead. Ask him to show you areas of your life that you have allowed sin to take up residence.