Judges | Day Fifteen


By: Taylor Cage

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Wow! Can you believe we’ve actually made it through the book of Judges? It’s truly been a wild ride and now you can honestly say that you’ve studied some of the craziest stories that the Bible has to offer.

Let’s think back to the beginning. There were a couple of things that we wanted to trace through the book of Judges. One of those things was God’s unrelenting grace.

List some ways that you’ve seen God’s grace toward His people in this book, despite their unrelenting sinfulness.


We also said that we were going to see some of the serious consequences of long-term sin. List some of the consequences of sin that we’ve seen in this book.


Now let’s think about those two questions; the questions that we said would haunt the Israelites for the entirety of the book of Judges, the questions that we also have to answer for ourselves.

Who will lead the nation of Israel? Will they tolerate the influence of sin in their nation?

Have they gotten anywhere with those questions? How have those questions affected them throughout this book?


What about you? Who will be your leader?


Will you tolerate the influence of sin in your life?


There’s one last chapter left in the book of Judges that we’re going to dive into today. The people of Israel are trying to figure out what to do in the aftermath of the war against Benjamin. Check it out in Judges 21:1-25.

How are the people affected by what has occurred?


How did the people of Israel treat tribe of Benjamin after the war?


Why do you think that they chose to show compassion?


How did they go about showing that compassion to the survivors of Benjamin?


How do you think God feels about the way these men go about attempting to restore the brokenness in the tribe of Benjamin?

Have you ever tried to fix a situation on your own, only to make it worse?


Even here at the end of the book of Judges, the people are of Israel are trying to do what is right, but they’re still trying to do what’s right in their own eyes. They are killing and stealing wives for their brothers but in their attempt for restoration, they’re only bringing more pain and suffering.

They haven’t yet realized that redemption and restoration can only come from King Jesus.

Aren’t we just like them? We try and fix a situation on our own, only to create more heartache. We think we know the way that God should restore and redeem but so often we don’t ask Him to step in.

This is where we leave the people of Israel.

It’s not a happy ending. They are in desperate need of a savior. They are in desperate need of a king and even though they don’t know it yet, He’s coming.

The answer to sin and brokenness is coming.

The Judge that is better than Othniel and Shamgar and Deborah and Samson is coming.

And when He comes, He will make everything right again. He will save, redeem, and restore. King Jesus, He is the Judge that they are waiting on when the book of Judges closes.

Praise God because King Jesus is the same Judge who is waiting to meet with you right now. Open your heart to Him today. Praise Him because He has come and He is going to come again! Amen!