Judges | Day Fourteen

By: Taylor Cage

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Read Judges 20:1-47.

Take some time and retell the story of Judges 20 as simply as possible. It may take reading it through a few times.

The people were so outraged by the actions of the men of Gibeah, the Benjaminites, that they assembled together before the Lord.

What did they decide to do?


Do the Benjamites hand over the evil men of Gibeah? Why?


Finally, the Israelites began to consult the Lord about what to do, to see what was right in His eyes. What did the Lord say to them?


Again, the people of Israel aren’t fighting enemy nations, but they’re fighting amongst themselves; they’re fighting their brothers. They've been so influenced by the sinful pagan nations around them that they’ve become their own enemies.

Why do the people not call for a judge to deliver them this time, after this evil?


Read verses 26-28.

What did the people do after they were losing battles to Benjamin?


The people sought the Lord again. How does God respond to them?


When the people fast and pray and seek God’s face He is gracious to them again. Even in the midst of this evil and brokenness, God responds to the pleas of His people because He hasn’t forsaken them. And because they’re His children, He never will.

The same goes for you, sister. No matter how broken and messed up you feel, no matter how broken and messed up your family feels, God has not forsaken you. Seek Him.

Who fought for the people when the went against Benjamin the last time?


How many Benjaminites died in the final battle?


What did the Israelites do with the Benjaminites who escaped?


Essentially, the entire tribe of Benjamin came pretty close to being wiped out completely that day. They defended the evil men of Gibeah and condoned their wicked actions. They fought to the death for them.

At the end of this chapter, so near to the end of the book of Judges, the people of Israel are broken. And finally, for the most part, they are aware of their brokenness. Their nation is divided and an entire tribe has been attacked.

Take some time and list some of the reasons why the Israelites have found themselves in this situation.


Sometimes it’s hard to look back and realize the mistakes and decisions that have brought us to the place that we’re at. Especially when it’s a difficult one. But this kind of reflection is healthy and necessary.

Whether you’re in a good place in your walk with the Lord or not, take some time to evaluate the choices and the decisions that got you to the place you’re at right now.

Depending on where you’re at, what kinds of decisions do you need to avoid? or what kinds of decisions do you need to replicate?


Ask God to open your eyes and reveal more of Himself to you today.