Judges | Day Eleven

By: Taylor Cage

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Read Judges 16:1-5.

Samson’s love life is still kind of a train wreck. He continues to make bad decisions when it comes to Philistine women. Clearly, he hasn’t learned from his mistakes.

And here’s the thing about Samson. He’s still living his Nazirite vow not to cut his hair. But as faithful as he’s been to the Lord in this one area of his life, he’s been just as unfaithful in other areas of his life.

Samson’s life is not consistent. He’s compartmentalizing and prioritizing and ranking sin based on its obvious consequences. And again, can you relate to Samson a little bit?

But Samson’s not going to be able to keep this up much longer.


When it comes to the two crucial questions, (Who will be my leader? and Will I tolerate the influence of sin in my life?) how do you think Samson would answer those two questions?


Samson loves Delilah, but does Delilah love Samson? Why?


What do the leaders want Delilah to do?


Wow, it seems like there’s a whole lot of betrayal in Samson’s life. Why do you think he’s always finding himself in these situations?


Read Judges 16:6-15. Even though Samson loves her, do you think Samson trusts Delilah? Why?


Why would Samson continue to stay with Delilah after she continues to try and bring him down?


Do you ever continue to go back to something that you know is bad for you?


Samson knew that Delilah was bad for him and yet he continued to allow her in his life. He thought that he could control her when really she controlled him.

What does verse 20 mean when it says: “He did not know that the Lord had left him”?


Read Judges 16:16-20. Why would Samson finally decide to tell Delilah the truth about his strength?


What did Delilah immediately do with the truth?


Read Judges 16:21-31.

Finally, Samson’s mistakes have caught up to him and he’s been captured by his enemies. He’s been tortured and humiliated.

Here’s a moment for us to remember: there are always consequences for sin.

And some of them are more severe than others. Samson has been living unrepentant for his sins with Philistine women. God hasn’t abandoned him forever, but He is allowing him to experiences the consequences of his sin.

Why does the Bible note that Samson’s hair began to grow back?


Did Samson show repentance for the mistakes he had made?


Why did God return Samson’s strength to him?


How many Philistines did Samson kill in his death?


How did God redeem Samson’s mistakes?


Even though Samson made grave mistakes by not living a set apart life and being led away by pagan women, God still used Samson to do His work.


In Samson’s life and death, it’s easy to see that the Israelites are falling farther and farther away from God. A good way to assess the character of a nation is to assess the character of its leader and the judges of Israel are truly reflecting their nation.

Assess the character of the people that you look up to or consider leaders in your life. Are you reflecting them? Is the character that you are reflecting pleasing to the Lord?