Judges | Day Ten


By: Taylor Cage

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So how’s it going studying Judges? These stories can be hard to get through and all too often we put them down and think WHAT?! But I hope you’ve been able to learn a lot about God, His grace, and the consequences of sin through these crazy stories.

But before we go on, let’s stop and think about those two questions we started out with...

Who will be my leader? Will I tolerate the influence of sin in my life?

How do you think the Israelites are doing with these two questions? How are you doing with these questions?


Read Judges 14:5-9. What is amazing about the story with the lion?


Clearly, Samson is incredibly strong. And even after he conquered a lion, he didn’t brag about it. He was humble too.

Read Judges 14:12-20.

Again we have a strange story in the book of Judges to dissect. This is a story of Samson being betrayed by the Philistine people that he married into. He made a deal for thirty sets of clothes that they would not be able to guess his riddle. But his wife betrayed him and got the answer. In a rage, Samson killed Philistines in order to give the men the clothes that he had bet on but when he got back they had given his wife away.  

Is it surprising that the Philistines betrayed Samson?


See, God intended for Samson to be fighting the Philistines, not marrying them and feasting with them. But again, we can relate to Samson. So often the things we should be fighting, we find ourselves enjoying for a time until we are left hurt. The consequences of sin is the theme of Judges.

Take some time and and think about the relationships in your own life, maybe boyfriends or best friends. Are these friendships founded on Christ?


Ask God to reveal any sin in your life that you should be fighting but aren’t. Ask God to reveal to you ways that you aren’t living set-apart and holy.

Read Judges 15:1-20.


Even though she’s been given to another man, Samson goes to visit his wife. Why won’t her father let him see her?


What does his father-in-law offer him instead? How does Samson react to that offer?


Wow, the Philistines are pretty wicked people, right? They’re betraying each other and killing each other. In fact, they kill Samson’s wife. How does Samson react to his wife’s murder?


What do the Philistines do to the tribe of Judah because of Samson’s actions?


What does Judah do to Samson?


Well, it seems like the children of God are acting a lot like the Philistines. They also betray Samson and hand him over to the Philistines.

What does Samson ask them not to do? Why do you think Samson had to ask?


But what happened when they took the tied up Samson to hand him over to the Philistines?


God works a mighty miracle through Samson’s strength and he kills a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey. [Add that to the list of weird weapons that are used in this book.] This is a huge victory for Samson and this is when the people choose to follow him as their leader.

But what happens after the victory?


How did God give Samson what he needed? 


Immediately after this huge victory, God reminded Samson of his need for God and his dependence on Him. Samson’s thirst felt like it would overwhelm him. Even though Samson seemed strong and mighty, he still needed God to sustain him and provide for him.

And after the amazing spiritual victories in our own lives, we always need to be reminded of our need for God and our utter dependence on Him.

It’s easy to feel like we’re strong enough to handle life on our own. While we might not explicitly be saying that to God, sometimes our lives reflect that mindset.

Think about your life. Are living dependent on Christ or are you living self-sufficiently?


Ask God to make you spiritually thirsty today.