Judges | Day Nine


By: Taylor Cage

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Again, today starts off with the people arguing amongst themselves and as you’ll see the division between the Israelite tribes themselves is getting deeper and wider everyday.

Read Judges 12:1-7. Why are the men of Ephraim mad at Jephthah?


Jephthah had conquered a common enemy of the tribes of Israel and the men of Ephraim should have come to congratulate him and thank him. But instead, they were mad that they hadn’t been allowed to join in conquering this common enemy.

What emotions would make them mad rather than thankful?


Have you ever struggled to be happy or thankful for someone because you let your pride get in the way?


The men of Ephraim were letting their pride and jealousy rule them and separate them from the other tribes.

Is Jephthah’s reaction appropriate?


How did they determine who was an Ephraimite or not?


Regardless of who was right and what punishment was deserved or not, it’s clear that the nation of Israel is falling apart. This is the downward spiral.

Read Judges 12:8-15. List the new judges that the Bible mentions after Jephthah?


What does the Bible tell us about these men?

What reasons can we give, if any, for such little detail from Scripture on these judges?


Read Judges 13:1-25. How long did the Lord allow the people to be in the hands of the Philistines?


How did God choose to raise up a judge this time?


How is Samson’s story different than the judges before him?


Before Samson was born, God had a plan for him. It reminds me of Psalm 139 (check it out). And before Samson was even born, God set him apart.

How did God want Samson to be set apart?


God called Samson to be a Nazirite and to make the Nazirite vow. This is a special vow that is explained in Numbers 6:1-21.

Why did God want Samson to be set apart?


How can you, as a believer, relate to Samson’s beginning?


Just like Samson, God had a plan for you when you were born. Although you probably aren’t keeping a Nazirite vow, you were made to be set apart and holy in the name of the Lord.  

Why did Samson’s parents have so many questions for the Angel of the Lord?


What did the Angel of the Lord want other than food?


Read Judges 14:1-4. It may sound like a classic case of love at first sight, but really it’s lust at first sight. Samson sees a woman, a Philistine woman, and decides that he wants her as a wife.

Why do his parents ask him to choose a girl among the Israelites?


Why does Samson say that she is in his eyes?


Samson sees it as right in his eyes, but that doesn’t mean that it’s right in God’s eyes. In every area of Samson’s life he is called to holiness, and yet in his relationships, he’s not practicing holiness. His allowing his heart to love a heart that does not love God.

Think back to the beginning. Has God not already commanded the people not to marry with the pagan nations? This one choice is the beginning of a string of choices that will lead to Samson’s fall.

End today by thinking about your own life. When you make decision’s are you thinking about what’s right in your eyes, or what’s right in God’s eyes?