Judges | Day Eight


By: Taylor Cage

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This next passage is one of the saddest in the book. It seems hopeless. It seems like the Israelites have gone too far, farther than the grace of God can extend. Read for yourself…

Read Judges 10:6-18. What did the Israelites do...again?


What happened when their enemies oppressed them?


What has God’s response when the cried out for mercy?


Does God’s response surprise you? Does it seem hard to you?


Have you ever felt like God has responded to you that way? Are you ever fearful that He will?


Do you think the Israelites have used up God’s grace? Do you think it’s possible to use up God’s grace?


Read verses 15 and 16 again.

Do you think this is an appropriate response? Do you think the Israelites were just repenting for relief this time? Or do you think it was sincere?


Finally it seems like the Israelites are getting it. God has responded to them in discipline and they have agreed that their wickedness requires consequences and they are still repentant. The Israelites weren’t just repenting for immediate relief. And that’s finally the right response.

So what does God do?


Even though God’s anger burned against them, He still continued to give them grace by raising up yet another leader to lead them into another battle for their freedom.

Read Judges 11:1-11.


Who is Jephthah? Why was Jephthah driven away?


Why did the people ask Jephthah to be their leader?


Read Judges 11:12-28. Describe what Jephthah is trying to do to save the people?


Jephthah was trying to talk it out with the king of the Ammonites. He wanted to be diplomatic and avoid a battle, but it wasn’t working.

Read Judges 11:29-40. What do you think about the vow that Jephthah makes? Do you think that God was honored by this vow?


Do you think that God was with Jephthah because of Jephthah’s vow? Do you think God would have been with him if he had not made the vow too?


Have you ever tried to make a deal with God yourself? Have you ever promised Him something if He would just come through with whatever it was you were asking of Him? Maybe you’ve told Him that if He just helps you with this situation then you promise to read your Bible everyday or not sin in a certain way anymore. Do you think that God is pleased by these deals we make with Him?

Read Judges 11:34-40.

This deal with God led Jephthah into a really difficult situation in which he had to sacrifice his daughter, not because it was what God wanted but because Jephthah didn’t trust God to do what He said He would do. God doesn’t need anything from us as incentive when pray. We don’t have to make deals with Him. And no matter the outcome of our circumstances, our response should always be to worship Him.