Judges | Day Five


By: Taylor Cage | Signs From God

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Chances are that by now, you’ve started to notice a pattern. So before you jump into the text today, take a moment to guess what’s about to happen next? Think about it or write it out.

Read Judges 6:1-10. Pretty much what you expect, right? But this time with a little more detail than usual...

What did the Midianites do to the people of Israel? Why did God allow it?


Re-read verse 6. What is new about the description of the Israelites this time?


Each time that the Israelites turn away from God, things get worse and worse. This time the Bible pays special attention to the fact that they were brought very low. The Israelites are in a downward spiral and this is only the beginning.

How does God respond to the Israelites when they cry out to Him this time?


God knows their disobedience has led them to fear other gods and He tells them that as His children, they weren’t created for that.


These fake gods that the Israelites have allowed in their lives have gone from fun to fearful. Isn’t that just like the sin in our own lives?

Read Judges 6:11-18. If you had to describe Gideon, how would you describe him?


Why do you think God chose Gideon as the next Judge of Israel?


Why would Gideon ask for a sign to prove God was speaking to him?


Can you relate to Gideon? Have you ever asked God for a sign before? When was the last time you were looking for one?


Think about how you were feeling when you asked God for a sign? Why did you feel like you needed a sign?


There are probably not many Christians who haven’t asked God for a sign before. However, I know for myself, it’s usually when I am in a situation of extreme confusion and desperation. And it’s that same confusion and desperation that starts to chip away at my faith.

Here’s the thing: while asking for a sign might seem harmless, it’s a sure sign of faltering faith.

When we see Gideon asking for a sign in this story, we shouldn’t assume that the Bible is supporting his behavior. Instead, we should see it as a sign of Gideon’s lack of faith. In this story, God spoke straight to Gideon from the angel of the Lord and yet still that isn’t enough for Gideon. And for us, God has given us His full and complete Word through the Bible. Shouldn’t that be enough for us?

Read Judges 6:19-27. Why do you think that the Angel of the Lord complied with Gideon’s request for a sign even though it was a sign of faltering faith?


How did Gideon react with the angel gave him a sign?


Eventually, Gideon did what the Lord had called Him to do. However, the Bible tells us that he was too afraid to do it during the day, so he did it by night. Even with the sign that the Lord had given Gideon that He was with him, Gideon was still afraid.

Why do you think Gideon was afraid, even after he had received such a clear sign from God?


Read Judges 6:28-40. Why do you think Gideon didn’t immediately reveal that he was the one who destroyed the altar?


Who spoke out on behalf of Gideon and stood against Baal?


Right after Gideon gathers all of his enemies by sounding a trumpet, he stops and does what?


He asks for another sign. And that’s the thing about signs. While it may seem that asking for a sign and even receiving a sign would strengthen your faith, it actually has the opposite effect. Asking for a sign doesn’t strengthen your faith because receiving a sign doesn’t require faith. And when you aren’t exercising your faith, it’s not growing - it’s weakening.

How many times does Gideon ask for a sign in this chapter?


Think about your own life. Are you exercising your faith or are you waiting on yet another sign for God to prove that He is God and that He is faithful to His promises?