Judges | Day Four


By: Taylor Cage | The Girl Judge

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Read Judges 4:1.

AGAIN. Again they did evil in the sight of the Lord. Ehud, their leader died and now they’re back to their wayward ways. Are you getting tired of this yet?

Read Judges 4:2-23.

I know what you’re thinking… a girl judge?! And yes! Deborah’s story is one of my favorites. Not only is she a fierce, godly woman, but her story includes other fierce godly women! So you can go ahead and add this passage to the list of biblical stories that continue to prove God has never underestimated women--during biblical times or even now. Over and over again in scripture, God uses women who are devoted to Him to do incredible things.

What was Deborah doing before she summoned Barak?


Why did Deborah summon Barak?


Think about Barak’s response. What is wrong with Barak’s response?


This offers us a little insight into Deborah’s world. Deborah was judging Israel because there weren’t any men willing to step up to the role. Even Barak was unwilling to lead the people to battle; he wanted the responsibility to be on Deborah’s shoulders. Wouldn’t it have been better if Barak had responded that he wouldn’t go unless God went with him?

What is Deborah’s response to Barak?


What did God do on the battlefield?


Why do you think Sisera would flee to the tent of Heber and Jael?


The Bible tells us that there was peace between Heber and Sisera. However, Heber was an Israelite and Sisera was an enemy of the Israelites. There should not have been peace between these two but the fact that there was makes it clear to us that Heber was not living in holiness (set-apart-ness). Heber was living in peace with evil.

Are you sensing a theme yet in this book about tolerating sin and other gods?


Over and over again, God is making it clear to us the consequences of making peace with evil. Now, this doesn’t mean that God doesn’t want us to reach out to those who are lost. But God doesn’t want us to allow the lost to influence our own lives. Our holiness should be influencing the lost, not the other way around.

What do you think of Jael? Do you consider her actions justified or not?


How do you think Jael would have known what to do?


I think we can all agree that Jael must have been a strong woman. I mean, she drove a tent peg through this guy’s head! And yet, she seemed pretty calm, cool and collected through the whole thing.

What excuses can you think of for why Jael wouldn’t have done what she did?


She didn’t allow the fact that she was a woman, that she was not a soldier, and that she was alone, keep her from doing what she knew was right in the name of the Lord.