Daniel | Day Ten


By: Chelsea Vaughn

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Read Daniel 10:1-12.

We are unable to contain the full image of God on this side of Heaven. Daniel falls to the ground when he sees the reflected image of Christ. His discussion with this figure of God affirms the vision he had and the occurrences of the last days. The intention of the enemy is to defeat the power of God, but we know this will never happen.

Just like the spiritual war rages on today, a very real and gruesome battle will be fought in the last days. Daniel knew, and so should we, that Scripture calls us to be ready for battle. Fight sin, share the good news with people who don’t know God, and listen to the Holy Spirit.

“He shall seduce with flattery those who violate the covenant, but the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.” [Daniel 11:32]

What did you learn from Daniel’s dream about the end times?


Why would God grant this vision to Daniel?


Do you notice any similar verses or themes found in the Bible? Where?


What reasons do we have to be on guard?


What reasons do we have to hope?


Read Ephesians 6. What help do we have?


How do we attain it?



List 3 attributes of God that you have learned about God after studying Daniel.


What is the significance of God’s miraculous works? How has this book revealed God’s power to you?


What is the reward of faithfulness? Where in the Bible do we see God reward faithfulness? What should we do with this reward?

Let’s pray this prayer together as we finish this study on Daniel:

God, thank you for using Daniel to reveal your incredible pursuit of us. Jesus, your forgiving love and grace are unbelievable and even overwhelming. We are humbled by the stories of Daniel’s life, but also of the kings that he served. Thank you for letting us witness your plan for the faithful and faithless. There is no measure or standard of your love, but you’re relentlessly lavishing us with it. Holy Spirit, please continue to make us aware of your work so that we can join you in prayer and action. It is in Jesus name that we give all glory, honor, and praise. Amen.

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