Daniel | Day Four


By: Chelsea Vaughn

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The practice of remembrance yesterday was a setup for what we will see in the following Scripture. Often, when we experience victory, we are prone to neglect our source and credit ourselves. Today, we’ll read about the quick idolatry that occurred for King Nebuchadnezzar and how Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego responded.

Read Daniel 2:25-3:7.

The world misplaces glory and honor giving false power to unworthy idols.

King Nebuchadnezzar attributes the interpretation to Daniel (verse 46), completely misunderstanding the words of honor Daniel had given the Lord (verse 27-28). Nebuchadnezzar, now feeling mighty and powerful after receiving such a dream, finds himself in need of a personal celebration. His power trip gets taken to another level when he commands for a gigantic golden figure to be made and worshipped across the kingdom.

Does God care for the king even though the king doesn't know God?


Why can we have faith in this?


Do you think something or someone helped Daniel speak and present before the king?


Why is the king blind and deaf to this miracle?


How would you define idolatry?


Can you give some examples of “every-day” idol worship?


In what ways are you challenged or inspired by the way Daniel operates?


Read Daniel 3:8-30. Reread Daniel 3:16-17 again, but out loud this time. 


If we are meant to obey our earthly authority, are Daniel and his friends dishonoring God’s word?


Are they being courageous or crazy? Explain. 


How was God honored in their actions?


Their bold belief is rewarded when the kingdom witnesses three men and a shadow miraculously standing in the midst of scorching flames. Once, again God miraculously uses the outrageous faithfulness of these men so His name would be exalted.

Write out Psalm 27:8, 14 and Isaiah 43:2 below.


Can you honestly say that God’s word is a comfort and source of courage?


What does it feel like to be found in God’s presence?


Have you ever experienced Holy help after trusting God with courage?


Spend some times praying these verses over yourself: Psalm 27: 8, 14 and Isaiah 43:2.

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