Daniel | Day Eight

By: Chelsea Vaughn

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Read Daniel 8.

This is heavy and confusing. Even Daniel is unaware of how and why this dream was given to him. The meaning, the purpose, and the repercussions are so deeply overwhelming that he lays in bed sick for several days. I think it’s important to search this chapter for how God is using Daniel as a vessel for glory.

Read Romans 8:38-39. How do the verses in Romans speak to you after reading Daniel 8?

How might they have spoken to Daniel and what he was walking through?

Who was the angel who came to Daniel?


Where else do we encounter this angel?


Reread Romans 8:28. Does God want us to avoid fear?


What does he want us to do with it?


What does laying down our fear look like?


Read Romans 8:25 again. Who is the one that conquers fear?


End this study with this prayer: "God, thank you for your relentless pursuit of our hearts. Thank you for miraculously moving the barriers between us so that you would reign in our hearts as Holy. Jesus, we praise you and say that you’re incredibly able to conquer fear, danger, and opposition. Holy Spirit, we thank you for reminding us how desperately we need you, and for generously filling us up when we’re lacking. It is you alone that we need to endure, amen."

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