Daniel | Day Six

By: Chelsea Vaughn

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Daniel and the Lion’s Den may be on the list of top five bible stories for kids. It is famed for the amazing protection Daniel has from this raging lion. The message is clear: God is capable of protecting you from anything no matter how scary. It’s a good message, especially for kids who are still learning the basics of God’s character. However, there is a deeper message of faith.

Read Daniel 6.

I can’t imagine how terrified I would be knowing that I sat in the same den as a savage lion trained to pounce on me. It seems bewildering that this wasn’t when Daniel neglected his former courage and saved his own life. He could have falsely worshipped the king and remained true to God in his heart, but would that have been enough? Keep studying to discover some of the hidden truths from this passage.

Read 1 Peter 5:8-9. Was it really just a lion in the den with Daniel? Who was the larger enemy in his presence?

Are you aware of the current spiritual battle?


What are some tools God has given us to stand firm?


What seems scary, intense, or dangerous to you in this season?


Why do we have reason to trust God even when danger is staring us in the face?


How do you think Daniel felt in the den?


Have you ever felt similarly?


How has God lifted your weary heart in moments like this?


Spend some time praying these words:

Jesus, thank you for claiming the final victory. In moments where we could be so prone to fear and tremble, you’ve given us every reason to abide with trust. We’re safe under the power and authority of your name. Thank you for using this story to remind us to be strong in the Spiritual battle, and to pray the protection of your name over our lives. May we never forget the victory you’ve claimed in our behalf. We worship you for your relentless love. Amen.

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