Bold | Day Four


By: Kate Downing | The Diary of a Man Who Stood Against Sin 

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“So I said, ‘The thing that you are doing is not good. Ought you not to walk in the fear of our God to prevent the taunts of the nations our enemies?’”  - Nehemiah 5:9

Summarize in a few sentences what has occurred in Nehemiah’s life so far.


What two bold stands have we studied so far?

  1. A bold stand through _____________________________.

  2. A bold stand through _____________________________.

Today, we will study Nehemiah’s bold stand against sin. But, before we jump in, take the next three minutes to thank God for the opportunity to study His Word. Ask Him to speak clearly to you today.

Read Nehemiah 5:1-5. There is a recurring phrase used in these verses: “There were those who said.” Underline each time this phrase occurs in these verses.


In your own words, write down the outcries that were made after each of these phrases.



Read Nehemiah 5:6-9. What emotion was Nehemiah overcome with when he heard the people’s outcries?


Which of the following reactions was Nehemiah’s first response to the people and his anger in verse seven?

Yell and scream    |    Ignore the people   |    Take time to think before speaking  

Then, what did he do?


Sin should make us upset. It should get under our skin and make us feel uncomfortable. Sin is in direct opposition to God who sent Jesus to free us from the bondage of sin. Nehemiah’s response is a model for how we should take a bold stand against sin. He didn’t respond in rash anger but took time to think through his response. Finally, he took a bold stand by calling out the sin in the lives of God’s people.  

APPLY: Does sin make you angry? Take a minute to ask God help you understand the severity of sin. Ask Him to help you never become numb to sin in your life or the life of those around you.


What two sins did Nehemiah call out in verse seven and eight?


Verse 7 –


Verse 8 –


Read Leviticus 25:35-42. How did God command the Israelites to treat their brothers who had become poor?


How had the people inside Jerusalem directly disobeyed God’s commands?


Re-read Nehemiah 5:9. How could the people’s sinful actions have opened them up to the “taunts” or reproach of the surrounding nations? In other words, how could their sinful actions have given God a bad name among the other nations?


APPLY: How could sin in your life give God a bad name?

Read Nehemiah 5:10-13. How did Nehemiah take a bold stand against sin without alienating the people from himself or God?


APPLY: How can you practice this in your own life?


Take a few minutes to ask God to help you see sin as He does. Ask Him to give you boldness to stand against it in your life and to wisely call out others for sin in their lives.  

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