Gospel of Matthew | Day Eight

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In this first passage of scripture today, it’s easy to ask ourselves why God would let this happen.

Read Matthew 14:1-12.

How did John the Baptist die?

Why was the king sad to have John killed?

When faced with difficult realities like this one, we shouldn’t be asking “Why would God let this happen?” but instead we should be asking “How is God still working?” In every situation, no matter how bleak, God is still working, and He’s working for your eternal good.

Consider this passage and list some ways that Jesus continued to work through this tragedy.

Read Matthew 14:13-21.

Why would Jesus withdraw to be by Himself?

What made Jesus heal the people who gathered before Him?

Why do you think Jesus wanted the crowd to stay?

The people ate until they were satisfied and still there was more left over.

Read John 6:35-40.

What does it mean for Jesus to be the Bread of Life?

Jesus is the Bread of Life. Just like He fulfilled this crowd with bread to eat, He satisfies our souls with His body, broken and poured out for us on the cross.

Read Matthew 14:22-36.

Why did Jesus need to be by Himself and pray after such a great miracle?

Do you ever take time to pray by yourself intentionally?

How would you have responded to Jesus walking on water?

Consider Peter’s request. What type of guy do you think Peter was?

Why did Peter start to sink?

What did Jesus do when Peter was afraid?

How did the men respond to Jesus when He got back in the boat?

People give Peter a pretty bad rap for this story. While he was out on the water, he got distracted by the wind and the waves and took his eyes off Jesus. He started sinking until he cried out to Jesus for help. But here’s the thing, who wouldn’t get distracted out there on the water?! Anyone of us could have easily lost sight of Jesus. And actually, most of us do. Every day we get distracted, and we take our eyes off Jesus. But Jesus, in His mercy, reaches out and catches us. He reminds us to have faith!

Read Matthew 15:1-20.

What defiles a person?

Read Matthew 15:21-31.

Why did Jesus heal the woman’s daughter?

Read Hebrews 11:6. What is it impossible to please God without?

Read Matthew 15:32-39.

Think about what it means to be satisfied by Jesus, the Bread of Life. Are you living as though Jesus has fulfilled you or are you living like you’re still searching for satisfaction? Spend time with God today and ask Him to reveal places in your heart in which you are dissatisfied. Then, let the Bread of Life fill you up.

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