Gospel of Matthew | Day Six

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By: Taylor Cage | To type in your answers to today’s study, click here.

Our reading today starts with Jesus sending out His disciples to do Kingdom work in His name. As you read, consider ways that Jesus is sending you out today as well. Where is He calling you to take His message of hope?

Read Matthew 10:1-15.

List the names of the twelve disciples.

What authority did Jesus give to the twelve?

What were the instructions that Jesus gave to the twelve?

Read Matthew 10:16-25.

How does Jesus’s words about persecution apply to your life today?

Consider verse 20. In what situation would you pray for God to speak through you by the Holy Spirit?

Read Matthew 10:26-31.

God knows every hair on your head; He knows when every sparrow falls and allows it happen. This truth means that God is sovereign. What does the word ‘sovereign’ mean?

How does knowing God is sovereign change the way that you view the world?

Read Matthew 10:32-39.

In what ways can you acknowledge God before men?

What does it look like to take up your cross and follow Christ in your everyday life?

How can you lose your life and find it at the same time?

Read Matthew 10:40-42.

What is an example of giving a cup of cold water to a little one? What is Jesus talking about in this passage?

Read Matthew 11:1-15.

Why would John go through the trouble to send a message from prison to ask if Jesus was the Messiah? Especially after John was the one who baptized Jesus and prepared the way for Him?

What would bring John to doubt in this way?

How did Jesus respond to John’s message?

How did Jesus speak about John to the crowd?

Jesus responded graciously to John’s doubts. How do you think Jesus would respond to your doubts?

Read Matthew 11:16-30.

What does it mean for God to hide things from the intelligent and to reveal them to infants?

How is it possible to know the Father?

Who does Jesus call to Himself?

What does He promise?

Is it easy to come to Jesus for rest? Why?

What do you typically come to Jesus for other than rest?

Jesus’s yoke is easy, and His burden is light. Bring your cares to Him today. Cast them at His feet. It doesn’t mean that your problems won’t exist anymore, but you will no longer be the one who has to carry them on your own.

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