Gospel of Matthew | Day Fourteen


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On this second to last day of our study in Matthew, we’re reaching the end of Jesus’s life.

And the temptation for us is to read the familiar story with the end in mind, but I’d encourage you to read it differently this time. Consider what it must have been like to be one of the disciples or someone else close to Jesus. Consider what it must have been like for Jesus.

Before you open the Word today, ask the Lord to open your eyes to any sin that’s in your life. Turn it over to the Him. Ask the Lord to give you clean hands and a pure heart. Then go to His Word and allow Him to speak to you today.

Read Matthew 26:1-13.

Look up the meaning of the word “Messiah.”

Because Jesus is the Messiah, why is this story so important?

How does Jesus feel about what the woman did for Him?

How was this woman preparing Him for burial?

This is the only time in Scripture where Jesus, the Messiah (the Anointed One) is actually, physically anointed. And yet, it’s done by a woman who isn’t even named by Matthew. What do you think this says about Jesus and His message?

Read Matthew 26:14-16.

Have you ever been betrayed by someone that you love? How so? How did it make you feel?

How much did it take for Judas to betray Jesus?

Do you think Jesus loved Judas?

Read Matthew 26:17-25.

Consider verse 25. There at the last supper, Jesus pretty much told Judas he knew it was him. How do you think Judas must have felt? What do you think this situation felt like for everyone else?

Read Matthew 26:26-46.

Consider what it was like for Jesus praying in the garden. Why did Jesus want the disciples to stay up and pray with Him?

What emotions do you imagine Jesus felt during this passage of Scripture?

Read Matthew 26:47-75.

In this last part of the chapter, we learn so much about Peter, his love for Jesus and his disappointment when it fails him.

Why did Peter deny Jesus?

Have you ever denied Jesus? Maybe not as openly as Peter but with your words or actions?

Read Matthew 27.

Read this chapter all the way through. Consider your King, broken and poured out for you. He carried the weight of your sin and died so that you may live.

This chapter should inspire you to worship. Praise God for all that He’s done for you and continues to do in you and through you.

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