Gospel of Matthew | Day Nine


By: Taylor Cage | To type in your answers to today’s study, click here.

In these chapters, Matthew is making it clear: Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, the one we’ve been waiting for.

Before you begin reading today, ask God to open your eyes to who He really is today. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you and show you His glory.

Then, read these words with a fresh perspective today.

Read Matthew 16:1-12.

Why would the religious people ask for a sign?

Why is asking for a sign a lack of faith?

Read Matthew 16:13-20.

Imagine for a minute that you’re sitting with Jesus. He looks you in the eyes, and He asks you the same question, “Who do you say that I am?” How would you respond?

How does Jesus respond to Peter?

Jesus responded by telling Peter who he was to Him. Who would Jesus say that you are to Him?

Read Matthew 16:21-28.

What would make Peter rebuke Jesus?

Doesn’t it seem crazy for Peter to rebuke Jesus? And yet, have you ever rebuked Jesus?

What does it look like to set your mind on the things of God?

In your life, what are some ways that you take up your cross daily?

Consider this: Are you living a comfortable life? Chances are that if you’re living comfortably, you’re not taking up your cross daily. Taking up your cross daily means living sacrificially, not selfishly. What steps do you need to take to start living this way?

Read Matthew 17:1-13.

Who was on the mountain with Jesus?

Why did Jesus allow these men to see Him in a glorified state?

Why would Jesus command them to tell no one?

Read Matthew 17:14-27.

Why could the disciples not heal the boy?

If you’re able, look up a picture of a mustard seed. How much faith does it take to move a mountain?

What do you do when you struggle with lacking faith?

Think about the things that Jesus has revealed about Himself in these chapters. How do these things teach you more about who Jesus is?

How will your life be different today because of what you learned about Jesus in these two chapters?

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