Gospel of Matthew | Day Eleven


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So far, the Gospel of Matthew has taken us through so much of the incredible story of Jesus’s life and ministry on earth. However, Matthew is the longest of the four gospels, and there’s still so much more to learn.

So before we go any further, take some time to reflect today on all you’ve already read.

What characteristics of Jesus does Matthew highlight the most in his writing?

Read Matthew 20:1-19.

Why were the laborers frustrated with the master of the vineyard?

Are you ever frustrated with God for the things He gives to others?

What does it mean for the first to be last and the last to be first?

Read Matthew 20:20-34.

Everyone wants to be great. However, what does it take to be great?

Why does Jesus say He came to earth?

Why would the crowd rebuke the blind men?

Read Matthew 21:1-11.

What is this day most commonly referred to in the church calendar today?

Why were the people shouting Hosanna? What does it mean to shout Hosanna?

Read Matthew 21:12-22.

What did Jesus say His house should be named?

Why was Jesus frustrated at what was happening inside the Temple?

Read Matthew 21:23-46.

Why does Jesus not tell them where His authority comes from?

The Pharisees thought Jesus was speaking about them. Was He? How so?

Whom did the crowd perceive Jesus was?

Why couldn’t the crowd see the truth about Jesus?

Jesus wasn’t just a prophet; He is our Lord. Do you live like Jesus is the Lord of your life?

Do you serve others, do you care about people the way Jesus does? Hopefully, this Gospel of Matthew is opening up your eyes to what it truly means to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Discipleship isn’t just something that you should do, being a disciple is who you should be.

How are you living as a disciple of Jesus?

Being a true disciple means being utterly devoted to Jesus Christ. Take some time to ask God to reveal places in your life that you’re not living like His disciple. Pray and give those areas to the Lord today as you end your time of study.

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