Gospel of Matthew | Day Seven

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We’re about halfway through the study of Matthew, and hopefully, you’re starting to get a clearer picture of who Jesus is because of it.

What are some characteristics of Jesus that you’ve seen clearly in the past several days of reading through the Gospel of Matthew?

In this next passage, Jesus frustrates the pharisees with His teaching.

Read Matthew 12:1-8.

Jesus says that He desires mercy and not sacrifice. What does that mean?

Jesus came to be the sacrifice, so that we could receive His mercy.

Read Matthew 12:9-14.

How can you see Jesus as the Great Shepherd in this passage?

Why did the Pharisees want to kill Jesus, even after He was doing amazing miracles?

Read Matthew 12:15-21. Now, read Isaiah 42:1-4.

How has Jesus fulfilled these prophecies from Isaiah?

Read Matthew 12:22-32.

What does it mean for a tree to be known by its fruit?

What’s the fruit that you are known for?

Consider the things that you speak about. What does that say about your heart?

Read Matthew 12:38-50.

Why does Jesus use Jonah’s story as a sign?

What part of Jonah’s story points to the story of Jesus?

Who are Jesus’s brothers and sisters?

Read Matthew 13:1-23.

Jesus used parables often during his time on earth teaching to large crowds. Why did He use them? What’s the point of a parable?

Why does Jesus use the parable of the sower? What is the meaning of it?

Read Matthew 13:24-43.

Explain the parable of the wheat and weeds.

Read Matthew 13:44-58.

How was Jesus treated by the people in Nazareth, His hometown?

Spend some time today asking God to open your eyes to new truths through His parables and answer the question below.  

I will _______________________________ because of what I read in Scripture today.

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