Gospel of Matthew | Day Five


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We’re only a week into Matthew but we’ve already covered so much! Before we begin today take some time to list a few characteristics of Jesus that you’ve noticed from studying His life so closely.

Pray and ask God to reveal even more about Him through this Gospel as you continue studying today.

Read Matthew 8:1-4.

What was Jesus risking to heal this man with leprosy?

Why would Jesus ask him not to tell anyone?

According to the Law, being a leper made a man unclean. And traditionally, when someone touched someone else who was unclean, that made them unclean too. So it wasn’t a simple thing for Jesus to reach out and touch a man with leprosy. But for the first time, rather than the leper transferring his uncleanliness to Jesus, Jesus transferred his cleanliness to the leper instead.

Read Matthew 8:5-13.

What was amazing about the centurion’s faith?

How can we have faith that amazes Jesus like the centurion in this story?

Read Matthew 8:14-17.

Look up Isaiah 53:4. How does Jesus continue to fulfill the prophecies about Him?

Read Matthew 8:18-22.

According to Jesus Himself, what is the cost of following Him?

Read Matthew 8:23-27.

Why do you think the disciples were so afraid when they knew they had Jesus on board with them?

Think about our own lives; we are so often afraid, and yet Jesus lives inside of us. He’s on board!

Read Matthew 8:28-34.

Imagine Jesus performing a miracle like that one and saving a man who has been a slave to demons only to be run out of town. Why did the people of that town want Jesus to leave rather than praising Him for His miracle?

Read Matthew 9:1-8.

Think about the men who brought their friend to Jesus. Would you consider yourself to be a friend like that? Why or why not?

Why were the scribes angry at Jesus for healing the man?

Which was more important to Jesus - addressing the man’s physical needs or spiritual needs?

When we come to Jesus, what is more important to us? Asking Jesus to address our physical or emotional needs or asking Him to address our spiritual needs?

Read Matthew 9:9-13.

This story is about the call of Matthew, the author of this book we are reading!

Why were the Pharisees mad at Jesus for eating with tax collectors and sinners?

What does Jesus mean by His response about the sick needing a doctor?

Read Matthew 9:14-26.

What did Jesus immediately do when He heard of the daughter’s death?

Jesus noticed the woman who reached out for His help and touched His robe even though He was on His way somewhere else. Jesus always notices.

Why did Jesus say the girl was not dead but asleep?

Read Matthew 9:27-38.

Why did Jesus tell the blind men never to find out that He healed them? Why did the men not listen to Jesus?

This time when Jesus drove out a demon, how did the people respond differently?

Why were the Pharisees so hardened toward Jesus’s miracles?

Read verse 38. End your time with the Lord today by praying for the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest.

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