Gospel of Matthew | Day Two


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On this second day in Matthew, we’re already diving right into the beginning of Jesus’s ministry on earth. Matthew wasted no time jumping right into the thick of things!

Take some time and pray before you open your Bible today. Ask God to speak to you through His Word and teach you more about Himself today.

Read Isaiah 40:3. Then, read Matthew 3:1-12.

Who is the voice crying out in the wilderness that Isaiah prophesied about?

Describe John the Baptist. What was his appearance like?

What was John the Baptist calling out for the people to do?

What did John the Baptist call the Pharisees and Sadducees?

Why did John baptize the people?

Read Matthew 3:13-17. Why did Jesus need to be baptized?

What happened when Jesus was baptized?

What does baptism mean for believers now?

Jesus was baptized because he was modeling it for us as believers. Baptism is the first thing that God calls us to do as believers after we are saved. It doesn’t save us, but it tells the story of our salvation.

Have you ever been baptized? Why or why not?

If you haven’t ever been baptized, pray and consider what’s holding you back from taking this important step of obedience.

Read Matthew 4:1-11. What did Jesus do in the wilderness before He was tempted?

How did His time of fasting prepare Him for the temptation that He faced?

Jesus was tempted as a human and we will also face times of temptation in our lives. How are you preparing for temptation in your own life?

How did Jesus fight temptation?

Jesus was prepared for temptation in two ways. He had spent time fasting and praying, and He was incredibly familiar with Scripture. Jesus fought the temptation by quoting Scripture back to the tempter.

Both of these things (1. Fasting and praying and 2. Memorizing Scripture) are practical and simple ways for us to learn from Jesus and fight temptation the same way that He did.

How can you begin practicing these spiritual disciplines in your life?

Read Matthew 4:12-17. After John the Baptist was arrested, who continued to preach the message of repentance?

Read Matthew 4:18-22. How did Jesus call the first disciples? What were their names?

What does Jesus mean by fishing for people?

Read Matthew 4:23-25. Where did Jesus begin to preach and teach?

What was Jesus preaching and teaching?

What did Jesus heal them from?

Where did large crowds begin to follow them?

It’s hard to imagine all of the amazing miracles that Jesus performed and all of the lives that He changed in His short time on Earth.

End this time reading though Read John 20:30-31. Consider all of the miracles Jesus did during His time on Earth. Then write down some of the miracles that He’s done in your own life.

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