Hebrews: Who Is Jesus | Day One


Creator and Sustainer | By: Kate Downing

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Who is Jesus? If we were sitting together, face to face, and I asked you that question, you might excitedly answer with some facts you know to be true about Jesus. You might nervously give an answer that sounds more like a question. Or, you may simply respond with a truthful and transparent, “I have no idea.” Whether you know a lot of facts about Jesus or not, the real question is: Do you KNOW him? Do you really know who He is, who He is in your life? This is the question we will tackle over the next few days in this study and we’ll do so by studying the book of Hebrews.    

We don’t know much about the authorship or specific audience of the book of Hebrews since neither is named in the book. However, we can gather that the purpose of the book is to address the doubts Jewish (Hebrew) Christians were having about the person and work of Jesus Christ. Hebrews is a letter (Epistle) which was written somewhere between A.D. 64 and A.D. 68, just prior to the worst persecution Christians had experienced up to that time. The author of Hebrews understood these Christians were beginning to doubt their faith. They were beginning to question whom Jesus was and if He was enough. The author wrote Hebrews in order to help those doubting become assured of the one in whom they believed.

Who is Jesus? Write down your best description of Jesus Christ.

What doubts or questions do you have about who Jesus is?

God is aware of your doubts and questions, and He is not disappointed in you. He simply wants you to understand who He is. This is why He gave us Hebrews!

Spend the next few minutes thanking God for the opportunity to study His Word and to get to know Him through the book of Hebrews. Ask Him to answer your questions and turn your doubts into assurance as you get to know who Jesus Christ really is.

Read Hebrews 1:1-3. How did God speak to His people (the Jews) through prophets?  What are some examples of God speaking through His prophets in the Old Testament?

These verses contain a list of descriptions of Jesus Christ. List out these descriptions of who He is and what He did.

This is an INCREDIBLE list! We are only three verses in and we are already getting an amazing understanding of who Jesus is!

The relationship between God and Jesus is explained in these verses. He is the Son of God (vs.1) and is also described as what two things in verse two?  

  1. He is the _______________________ of the glory of God

  2. The exact ______________________ of His nature

Jesus is the glory of God and His exact imprint or “exact character.” The author says this about Jesus Christ because He is God Himself (Colossians 1:15).

What part did Jesus have in the creation of the world and does He have in sustaining (upholding) it?

Look up the definition of the word “sustain.” What does it mean that Jesus sustains the universe?

Read Hebrews 1:4-14. What heavenly beings does the author compare with Jesus?  

Angels are created beings. Who is the creator of all things? Therefore, who is greater, angels (created beings) or Jesus, The Creator?

This first chapter of Hebrews is establishing for us the foundation of who Jesus is in relationship to God the Father and to His creation. Jesus is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. He is, therefore, greater than His creation. Therefore, we have the privilege of trusting Him to be more powerful than any doubts we may have and to be able to answer any question we are struggling with.  

Take the next few minutes to simply praise Jesus for His incredible power. Thank Him for being the Creator and Sustainer of the universe and therefore more powerful than your doubts or fears.

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