God of Promises | Creation of Earth + Man | Day 1


By: Megan Gover | Creation of Earth and Man 

"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them." [Genesis 1:27]

The book of Genesis starts off with the creation account. What do you know about the following theories of the world’s formation?

Big Bang Theory -


Evolution -


Creation -


Let’s dive into chapter one! Read Genesis 1:1-2. What does “without form and void mean”?


Why is it important for the Spirit of God to be accounted for in the creation story?


What does Isaiah 45:18 and Revelation 4:11 say about God’s role as Creator?


Read Genesis 1:1-25 and fill in the chart accordingly.


Does anything jump out at you about the order of creation? If so, what?


How could there be light on the first day if the sun, moon, and stars weren’t created until the fourth day?


Read 1 John 1:5. How could this be one explanation of the order of creation? What would be another potential explanation for the order in the creation account?


How did the Lord create the world? What do the words “let there be…” signal about His character?


Continue reading Genesis 1:26:31. In verse 26, what possessive noun is used? Who is God referring to when He uses “us” and “our” to describe His likeness?


Why is it important for the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) to be referenced in the creation story?


How are we created in God’s likeness? How are we similar to Him?


Since we are created in God’s image, how does this impact us today?


Why is it important for us to acknowledge that God actively created the world? What does this signal to us about His character?

Let’s move along to Genesis 2:1-3. What does the Lord do on the seventh day? Why does He make it holy?


Where do we see this action honored and commanded later on in Scripture?


APPLY: What factors hinder you from weekly practicing rest? How can you make a habit of setting aside one day to rest from your daily duties?


What is the distinction between physical rest and spiritual rest?


What lie do you tell yourself when you break God’s example and don’t rest?


Continue reading Genesis 2:4-17. How was man made? Where did he originally live?


What does this chapter say about the tree of life?

Paraphrase God’s command to Adam in verse 16.


Now read the rest of Genesis 2:18-25. What was Adam’s first job?


Why was womankind created? How was she formed?


What does the simplicity of mankind’s creation signal about our importance and worth aside from God’s breath and life?


APPLY: What can we learn about God’s intention for marriage through chapter two of Genesis? How is this topic relevant to us today?

This is a biblical foundation for God’s design of marriage: a man and woman becoming one. Think about your family, friends, school, culture, and media you consume. What ideals are taught as “open-minded” and “tolerant”, but go against the Lord’s design for marriage and sex?


End this time writing out a prayer of worship to the Lord, the Creator of all things.