God of Promises | Genesis 1-36 | Intro

By: Megan Gover

Genesis is a story of new beginnings. In the first few pages of this book, we receive a beautiful picture of the Lord’s existence and creation of mankind. However, this ideal reality is destroyed by Adam and Eve’s disobedience in the garden. This dynamic duo brought sin to earth--affecting not only themselves but every generation after them.

In the midst of their disobedience to the Lord, we see God extend promise after promise to redeem, restore, forgive, and faithfully lead His people. If you ever need a reminder of God’s pursuit of His people, this book will do the trick!

Before we dive into Genesis, know these two things:

1. We are only going to cover the first 36 chapters of this book. If you want to continue reading Genesis, visit our Joseph study in the Minted Truth App to complete the entire book.

2. Since we are covering several chapters of Scripture, I suggest splitting up each day’s study into morning and evening sessions. There is a line break in each day’s notes to indicate a great stopping point if you want to break it up into more bite-sized pieces!

Now, let’s start off this study with a few key questions! If you don’t know the answers, don’t give up! We will be addressing these later. 

Who wrote the book of Genesis?


Why was it written? Who was it written for?


What type of book is it? (Historical, Law, Wisdom, Prophecy, Gospel, Epistle)


What does this book teach about the Lord’s character?  


As we enter into this three-week study, pray the Lord would reveal the power of Him as a Creator, the need for a Savior, and all the love He has for you!

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