God of Promises | A Disobedient Dad | Day 15


By: Megan Gover | Genesis 35:10

After today’s study, you will have read 36 chapters in the book of Genesis. Wahoo! Seriously, I am so proud of you and hope you are proud of yourself! It took a great deal of discipline, determination and desire to read through a huge portion of this book. You rock!

All throughout the first half of Genesis, we see man excelling in their faith and trusting in God to destructively disrupting God’s best in their lives. As we read Genesis 34, we will uncover another story of man’s downfall and wickedness. What happened to Dinah?


How did Shechem’s desire to marry Dinah speak more about his selfishness than his love for her?


What was Jacob’s reaction to Shechem’s marriage request? What were the sons of Israel’s response?


How did Jacob fail not only Dinah but his sons in this situation?


APPLY: Simeon and Levi felt a sense of justice for their sister. What injustices in the world do you want to be a part of fixing? How can we seek righteous justice instead of selfish justice for the wickedness in today’s world?


How was Jacob’s response to Simeon and Levi’s murderous acts show his selfishness?


APPLY: Have you ever twisted God’s grace or God’s Word for your own sinful benefit? Explain.


Ultimately, this story might hit close to home for some of you studying this. If you have ever been sexually abused, know I am so incredibly sorry somebody hurt you. Truly, I am so saddened somebody wronged you in such a way. If sexual abuse is a part of your story, please know two things: it was not your fault and you are not alone.

Just like Dinah was a victim, sexual sin is the result of another’s wrongdoing, not your own. If you have never reported your abuse--whether it be sexual, physical, or emotional--please tell a trusted parent, teacher, student pastor, or small group leader immediately. The adults who love you want to give you the best help and protection possible from any abuse happening again.

Continue reading Genesis 35.

Where was Jacob originally supposed to end up according to Genesis 31:13? How did Jacob’s disobedience lead to family pains?


Why did Jacob’s family have idols? What influence led to their possession?


What did Jacob’s family give up as a result of moving back to Bethel?


How did the Lord protect Jacob and his family in their travels?


Why was it important for God to remind Jacob of his new name Isaac?


What does Exodus 29:40-41, Leviticus 23:13, and Numbers 15:5-7 say about drink offerings? What did they signify?


What did Rachel name her son? What did Jacob name him?


Lastly, finish out reading Genesis 36’s genealogy of Esau’s descendants.


As we finish out this study of Genesis 1-36, let’s recap on what we’ve learned. Write out everything you can remember about these men such as the promises God made them, their strengths, weaknesses, stories, etc…

Adam -


Noah -


Abraham -


Isaac -


Jacob -


What have you learned about God’s promises?


What have you learned about God Himself through the book of Genesis?


Why do you think the Lord included the good, the bad, and the ugly in Genesis? How do the stories of those in Genesis comfort you?


The book of Genesis is a beautiful, yet upfront and honest look at man’s brokenness. We see both men and women fluctuate between fear and faith, trust and temptation, and desire and deception. Ultimately, the book of Genesis showcases the need for our salvation.

Despite the disobedience displayed in Genesis, we see the hurt and heartache in every page paving the way for Christ’s death on the Cross thousands of years later. No matter the sin or situation, the Lord faithfully pursued his people.

And He still seeks us today.

End this study writing out a prayer to Christ thanking Him for His unending love, promises, and faithfulness to you.

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