God of Promises | An Unforgettable Wrestling Match | Day 14


By: Megan Gover | Genesis 32:28

Genesis 31-33 tells of Jacob’s travels fleeing Laban, reuniting with his brother Esau, and wrestling with God Himself. Open up this time by praying for the Lord’s presence to be near--whether you have been seeking Him or running from His presence.

Open up to Genesis 31:1-21. Jacob’s brother-in-laws were envious of Jacob’s increasing wealth. How did this negative emotion wedge in between their relationships?


What does the Bible say about envy? Look up the following verses and write out envy's powerful influence over us. 

Titus 3:3 - 


1 Corinthians 13:4 - 


Matthew 27:18 - 


APPLY: We’ve all experienced envy. What do you find yourself being the most envious of? How does it affect your relationship with friends, family, and the Lord?


Why did God remind Jacob of his title as the God of Bethel? How did Bethel play an important spiritual part in Jacob’s life?


What did the angel of God say to Jacob in a dream?


Why was it easy for Rachel and Leah to leave home with Jacob?


What did Rachel steal on their way out of town? What do you think their significance was worth?


Continue reading Genesis 31-22:55.

Laban catches up with Jacob’s caravan and confronts him about lying about leaving. He also brings up the missing idols. Explain the scene of Laban frantically searching for his teraphim or idols.


How did Rachel deceive her father? Where did she pick up these mad lying skills?


APPLY: Jacob was certain no one stole his father-in-law’s idols. Yet, he rashly cursed whoever did--not knowingly saying that of his beloved wife. How can rash words lead us into trouble?


Why did Laban and Jacob make a covenant? Who was their third witness?


List the three names they each gave the heap of stones. What do they mean and what languages are they in? How does a watchtower convey a sense of protection towards Laban over his children and grandchildren?

Continue reading Genesis 32:1-21. Jacob sent messengers to pave the way back into his family’s land. What news did they bring back? What was his natural response?


APPLY: Name a time you experienced unresolved conflict with someone? What emotions did you feel the next time you saw them again? Imagine what Jacob must have felt after decades of unresolved conflict!


Read Genesis 32:22-32. What does this wrestling match prove about Jacob’s character and grit?


APPLY: Do you have the same tenacity and persistence for all of God’s blessings spiritually? Explain. How can you amp up your desire for God to give you the fullness of His peace, joy, presence, etc…

God gave Jacob a new name. What did Jacob mean and what did Israel mean?

How beautiful! Eventually, Jacob’s sons became known as the 12 Tribes of Israel, also known as Israelites. All throughout the Old Testament, we see Israelites struggling with God in what ways?


APPLY: How do you find yourself struggling and wrestling with God? How can you give up and surrender to his authority?


Lastly, read Genesis 33. How did Jacob expect Esau to react? How did he actually respond?


Imagine your reaction if you were Esau. Would it be similar or different to his? Explain.


APPLY: How has forgiveness forged unity and peace in your life and relationships?


Why did Jacob bow to the ground seven times?


What was Jacob’s aim in offering such wealth as a gift to Esau?


This chapter ends on such a happy note! No matter the hurt and heartache your family has brought, if humility and forgiveness are added to the equation, the Lord can mend all brokenness. End this time praying over your family and ask the Lord to bridge the gap between any burned bridges with loved ones!

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